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    This page showcases all the unique items owned by Onehallyu Users.

    If you want to buy an unique item, please visit the Events Team Shop.

    To verify if an unique is already taken, you can search the page with CTRL+F.


    bSozuKT.png Poh!kémon Summer Camp 2020: Ice Badge

    mrLSJJS.png Poh!kémon Summer Camp 2020: Psychic Badge

    4azSGzT.png Poh!kémon Summer Camp 2020: Flying Badge

    eLEmVe5.png Poh!kémon Summer Camp 2020: Dark Badge

    vCfeds1.png EXPERT PIN 2011: Hatsune Miku

    4JnzALo.png EXPERT PIN 2012: Gangnam Style

    NtPvpN4.png EXPERT PIN 2013: Onehallyu

    Q1oPB4n.png EXPERT PIN 2014: Christmas GrOH!nch

    7DkYDOi.png EXPERT PIN 2015: Luna's 1st win mask

    jjOSSdR.png EXPERT PIN 2016: PrOH!duce 16'

    zUJ2PLM.png EXPERT PIN 2017: Hallyu Wave

    twMY5NS.png EXPERT PIN 2018: Soohorang the Tiger

    jhqzPdv.png EXPERT PIN 2019: PeepoJail

    L3Z6sPy.png EXPERT PIN 2020: Tanjiro Kamado

    Cg2y7ah.png KINGDOH!M 2021: Legendary War

    yiyfvpa.png OH ADVENT CALENDAR 2021: Blue Ohbi

    tMgxPYt.png OH ADVENT CALENDAR 2021: Red Ohbi

    GRjhWkT.png Social Medial Feature Pin

    xE8gNcm.png SQUID GAME PARK 2021: Circle

    TG7FX42.png SQUID GAME PARK 2021: Square

    iiRDLZ2.png SQUID GAME PARK 2021: Triangle

    ifjiAUh.png Valentine 2021: Matched Pin

    leorwPu.png Valentine 2021: Single Pin


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