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[Yahoo!: JPN] Aoki Eri & Saaya get Dengue Fever on location at Yoyogi Park

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Aoki Eri & Saaya get Dengue Fever on location at Yoyogi Park


Translated by: Kanki @ OneHallyu




On September 1st, TBS News revealed that talents Aoki Eri (25) and Saaya (20) have come down with Dengue Fever after appearing on location for “King’s Brunch†at Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park on August 21st.


It appears that the two were bitten by mosquitos while filming on location and are currently receiving treatment.


On August 27th, the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare announced that a Saitama woman who had no history of traveling abroad had come down with Dengue Fever. The last time someone in Japan was infected domestically with the illness was in 1945; 70 years ago, the current record.


On August 28th it was then revealed a man from Tokyo and another woman from Saitama were infected with Dengue Fever; neither of which had a history of traveling abroad. All current victims appear to have been bitten by mosquitos at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo. As of 5pm on the 28th, the city has blockaded the park to begin terminating the mosquitos.



[+6523, -480] We’re making all panicking about the Dengue Fever, but Ebola is one hundred times scarier.


[+3511, -362] Dengue Fever seems to be spreading, so to prevent mosquitos from biting us I think it’s necessary to take precautions and start using the insecticide spray everywhere.


[+868, -502] Kids play at nursery school and parks, so this has me a little worried. And the unsuspecting people who just happen to stroll through the park…well I’m full of endless worries for these people. It’s hard to make a general announcement, but I want these people to know maybe they can put something at the nearest stations.


[+853, -267] … I can’t help but think of how often talents go abroad with their staff, maybe they’re the cause of this….


[+417, -357] I didn’t know any talents were infected. I don’t know the order in what happened, but if they chose that location after this information was leaked, then that’s just awful.


[+305, -18] I just think they were at the wrong place at the wrong time.


[+293, -29] It’s a pity for those infected, but we need to think more about how this happened considering no one in Japan has been infected domestically for 70 years. I’m not sure if insecticide is our only answer. This is a tough break for TBS


[+290, -48] I’ve lived in Japan for more than 30 years and I never thought I would be worried about mosquitos biting me. They aren’t bringing global warming into this much, but the environment is changing and they should really take a look into this aspect.


[+193, -35] I heard on the news the other day that this summer is so hot that there are no mosquitos in Osaka, it’s like they’re all in Tokyo at Yoyogi Park. It’s possible that kids enjoying their summer vacation may have been bitten. There seems to be an incubation period for the illness, so I can only imagine that we’re going to get even more reports of people being sick….


[+149, -84] Wasn’t the producer bitten too~?

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How did Dengue traveled to Tokyo amazed me, originally the mosquito that transmit Dengue has it's origin in Brazil ( jungle), and a few years from now it has gone to other countries of the region such as mine, but to Japan ????, how?!, it's not transmited person to person

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