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Sooooooji ._.

Couple fell to their deaths from the window while having sex. ( Wuhan,China )

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Chinese Couple Having Sex By Window Fall to Their Deaths

by Angie Zhao on Thursday, June 27, 2013 


Recently, a netizen revealed that because the weather is so hot in Wuhan, it led to a couple broadcasting a “romance action film†[having sex] by the window to keep cool. Unfortunately, these two didn’t seem to notice the window was of poor quality in their moment of pleasure.


Just as they were in the throes of passion, the window suddenly broke and the two of them falling out the building and died, leading to an irreversible tragedy. 

However, the source and authenticity of this incident has yet been verified.


According to the netizen, it seems the couple didn’t notice the windows were in poor condition in their moment of pleasure. Just as the female climaxed and involuntarily arched her back, the windows broke, and she lost balance. With the two of them holding each other tight, they fell out of the building.


A netizen sighed that all sorts of bizarre things happen when the weather is hot.

some random netizen comments


铲除贱B [网易甘肃çœå…°å·žå¸‚网å‹]:

网易河å—çœå¹³é¡¶å±±å¸‚æ‰‹æœºç½‘å‹ ip:61.158.*.*:

It is said that “everyone dies, but if it is a worthy death, what do you have to regret?†Died fucking! Died having a great time! This is also counted as a worthy death. They died without regret. They should be smiling in their graves!


网易江西çœèµ£å·žå¸‚æ‰‹æœºç½‘å‹ ip: 111.79.*.*:

This is called being born for cunt, dying for cunt, struggling a lifetime for cunt, and eventually dying as a result of cunt.


tym80113340 [网易贵州çœéµä¹‰å¸‚网å‹]: (responding to above)

So embarrassing.


网易四å·çœæ‰‹æœºç½‘å‹ ip:117.136.*.*:

If she had a husband and was having sex with another man, then that would really be embarrassing!


笨笨Lxs [网易河å—çœé©»é©¬åº—市网å‹]:

The house has a quality problem! Pay more attention when decorating it!


扑克牛仔 [网易上海市网å‹]:

They lived a great life and died a bizarre death.


love3810380670 [网易辽å®çœå¤§è¿žå¸‚网å‹]:

Sex is a private thing for one to enjoy by oneself and their lover, and not to be shown to others. Some people intentionally let others see them having sex, and even think themselves noble and open-minded. Actually, it is a kind of perversion.


网易湖北çœæ­¦æ±‰å¸‚ç½‘å‹ ip:27.19.*.*:

How come I didn’t fall when I was having sex by the window?


zhaozhongxiansy [网易广东çœæ·±åœ³å¸‚网å‹]:

Wuhan truly is a place where the odd are produced in large numbers.


忘å´è¿‡åŽ»çš„我 [网易å‰æž—çœé•¿æ˜¥å¸‚网å‹]:

Gotta have an air conditioner.


88085572 [网易河北çœç§¦çš‡å²›å¸‚网å‹]:

Damn, this really is loving until death.


This reminds me of a song–The price for love.



The quality of the window was too poor, is there anything left in the Heavenly Kingdom that one can not worry about?



This is the best way to die.



Too crazy.


If they really loved each other, only one of them would die in this situation. That would be achieved by one person choosing to be the cushion to protect [break the fall of] the other one.



They weren’t born on the same day of the same month of the same year, but they managed to die on the same day of the same month of the same year.



Men must be firm in using doggy-style.





link contains some pretty gruesome pictures,enter at your own risk  :._.:


man the comments made me laugh and now i feel bad 

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How bad was the quality of the window anyway?

Sounds more like a bad builder to me.

The couple's parents/families could sue for this.


Can't understand why the comments made by netizens was so unkind. It seems like they make a joke of it...sigh..

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Those comments are actually really fucking gross, especially the douche who said cunt 10 times.

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...How the hell does a window break like that? The whole "cheap china goods" thing doesn't even apply because China also manufactures high-quality goods. How is it that the regular citizens of China are so deprived of the benefits of their nation's growth? They are even given bad windows? And horrible elevators that can behead them?

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Oh my gosh. This.

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I know this is so sad, I feel bad for laughing especially after seeing the pictures, gulps. I thought that these types of things only happened on TV. May both of them rest in peace though. 

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