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The TaengSic Thread

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In a beautiful world where Taengsic didn't drift apart, we would have Taengsic sub-unit, Taengsic full album, Taengsic concert, Taengsic variety shows, we will have epic Taengsic duet on Immortal Song, Jessica will perform in Tokyo Dome, we will have OT9 Catch Me If You Can as planned, Jessica will be in their 2015 comeback, Jessica will support Tae's solo debut and albums, Taeyeon will support Jessica's solo debut, Jessica will go to Taeyeon's concerts, Taeyeon will go to Jessica's concerts, their instagrams will fill with their selfies, Taeyeon will promote Jessica's brand, they will wish each other "Happy Birthday" every year, Jessica will be in Holiday and All Night, Jessica will sing and dance Ooh-La-La with them in their 10th anniversary fanmeeting. On a side note, we will have SNSD-STS (Sunny-Tiffany-Seohyun) sub-unit so everyone in SNSD's vocal line can shine, just like they deserve.

I can't help but think they drift apart in 2011 because of different goals. Taeyeon wanted the group to continue for a long time and focus on being a singer, she thought of right then, of in the moment term. Jessica started to think of post-SNSD (they've debut for 4 years, other groups from East to West fell apart in their year 4 or 5), singing is no longer her main and only focus, she knew she could not be an idol forever, it was unlikely that she would pursue a serious singing career. This is a common reason why couples break up. It ruptured into a fight (A Marriage Story proportion) and they were (or Taeyeon was) no longer able to look each other in the eye and act naturally around each other.

I believe that Taengsic sub-unit was on the table at one time in 2010-2011. I mean, it makes sense (if it doesn't then what else? Seriously). Vocally, they are a perfect match. Their aesthetic and taste in music overlap. They have amazing chemistry. They both dance well (circa 2010, Jessica was the best dancer in vocal line). They have been front and center of SNSD since debut day with Yoona. Taengsic was-is-will always be in SUPER HIGH DEMAND. Imagine the amount of money SM could have milked out of them. SM is not stupid, they looovveee money so the only reason why there was no SNSD-TS was because the two involved could not see eye to eye to the point that business incentive couldn't force them together. Jessica may not have loved the idea of "taking the back seat to" or "be there to shine the light on" Taeyeon because Taeyeon was (and is) the better vocal and obvious singer of two of them (like in Davichi, one is in charge of harder parts of their songs). It could be that she wanted more solo activities where she could shine as Jessica Jung and not just simply SNSD Jessica and to secure her future post-SNSD (slowly distancing from her idol image to a mature businesswoman/fashion designer). Taeyeon may have not understood that because she saw that both would shine equally, it would help them as well as the group as a whole, it would help their solo careers, it would help them improve their artistry. Jessica may have been thinking of slowly switching from idol to businesswoman/fashion designer while Taeyeon may have considered them in terms of being artists. Jessica may have worried about the future I while Taeyeon the future Us. Jessica may not have wanted her career being forever defined by the other while Taeyeon that wasn't necessarily bad or would be the case. (it was Korean-American vs Korean, after all). Jessica may have had second thoughts about her artist career after that but what's done is done, what cracks could never become just as new. 

What's funny to me is that yes, both of them will forever be defined by SNSD and each other. It's fun as hell seeing Taeyeon in Jessica's music and Jessica in Taeyeon's music for years after Jessica's departure from SNSD. Maybe one day, when they are calm ladies and no longer hectic youngsters, we will get that Taengsic duet we've been waiting for lol.


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