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What TV shows are you currently watching?

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What shows are you watching? Would you recommend them to your fellow OHers? 


I am currently watching:


Community (for like the 100000th time, waiting for new episodes from Yahoo)

House of Cards

Game of Thrones



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Top Posters In This Topic

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The Last Kingdom, Season 2   Destiny is all.


Teen Wolf

Guest Kami_removed


Trueblood since even tho is cheesy its fun

Big brother since my mom makes me

Dexter because I still need to finish the last season ZZZZZZZZZZZ

The strain because the pilot was good and overall is a good show~

Under the dome casually, it's gotten really boring and weird recently...

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Medium : for the thousand times. I swear, it's one of my favorite TV shows if not my favorite


Friends : I remember watching some episodes here and there when I was young so I decided to watch the whooole show and it's hilarious and really heartwarming :)


Falling Skies : I love it. The CGI effects are glorious. You would think they were cheap because it's TV show and blablabla but it's quite good and thank god, there is no cheesy romance. Moreover, it's produced by Steven Spielberg. Seriously, it's a relief that I found something as good because I was so disappointed in Revolution and ended up thinking I wouldn't be able to find a good post apocalyptic TV show anymore.


The Walking Dead : An obvious choice. The show is so good.


Game of Thrones : I am still watching it because it's thrilling and all but I have to admit I was disappointed by the latter half of Season 4. I don't know but it felt kind of empty/boring compared to the first part. Maybe it's just me though.


Penny Dreadful : I liked the show for the first few episodes but I kind of gave up now. I don't know why.


Dead Zone I remember loving it when I was younger and when I could afford to watch the TV (because my parents are selfish, hahaha) so I decided to watch it from the beginning and so far, it's great.


Bones ; I had a hard time finishing the first episodes of the first season but now, I am quite addicted. You warm up to the characters but I have to say that the show makes you lost faith in humanity. Such horrible murders.

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