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You won a weeks vacation to one of these four places. Where are you going?


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This is difficult. I want to go to Las Vegas but it's not in my top places I want to visit, so no. The other 3 are in my top places I want to visit.

I guess Italy

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2 hours ago, Joyrider said:

Hawaii seems beautiful but the natives have asked people to stop vacationing there because it’s ruining the islands ❤️

So, Italy

Part of the issue is how they vacation though. Like I’ve heard many natives don’t mind tourists form Japan because they don’t trash the place and are very respectful.


Currently in Italy right now and it’s nice but not quite as awe-inspiring as I hoped. I think the amount of graffiti, trash, and counterfeit good sellers ends up detracting from some of the amazing parts in the cities, but the coast is nice.

hmm I’d say either Hawaii because it’s so expensive or Paris for pastries.

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