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(Fantasy) The Seven Kings of the World vs the Strange Creature


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Long , long ago, a Strange Creature ruled a rock named Koryo.

Its people were poor but the Strange Creature, whose name no one knew, ruled it with an iron fist.

She looked like a woman in her 20s, but they say she was at least 1,300 years old. She stopped aging for some reason no one could figure out.

The Strange Creature called Koryo's digitals, and as long as she controlled it, no one listening to music in there could escape her influence.


Seven boys were selected by a wizard named Bang, whose aim was conquering the entire world.

Bang was aware of the Strange Creature but he and his Seven boys had as little to do with the Strange Creature as possible.


One day the Seven boys left Koryo.


They slayed dragons, conquered mountains and oceans, and eventually came to control the whole world.


As the Seven Kings of the World, they returned to the rock in triumph when they saw the strange creature, which was able to control her size at will, as big as a huge mountain.


Although the Seven Kings of the World ruled the entire globe (except the rock where they were born at), they were humans and the Creature was not human.


They had their share of weapons and attacked her.


The Strange Creature was hurt, and she began to shout.


"Even though you conquer the world,


I control the rock of Koryo.


The people of Koryo prefers to hear my songs, rather than yours.

You are just popular around the world.

As long as I own Koryo, I will win in the end!"


and then she disappeared.


They had a celebration and left Koryo to rule their realms, and as soon as they left, the Creature appeared again and undid everything the Seven Kings did in there.


It happened again, again and again.


Eventually the Seven Kings began to decline because of age.


Their heydays ended in time.


However, the Strange Creature, whose control of the digitals did not diminish just because she had aged, still controlled the rock.


So she outlives the Seven Kings of the World and continues to terrorize the people of Koryo long after the age of the Seven Kings has passed.


One of them complained to Bang before the latter grew old and died. "Why didn't you buy out the digital service the Strange Creature was a part of?"

"Sorry, pal. I was short sighted . I should have bought it and destroyed it and that would have ended the Creature's days but I thought I could design a platform which was better than what the Creature had. I should have thought about the possibility that the Koryo people's habit does not change too often and they would continue to use that digital service associated with the Creature no matter how unfair or inconvenient it could go."


Moral: Ownership of one small rock outlasts the Control of the Entire World.



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