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Hello everyone and welcome to QUEENDOH!M 2!
Support your favorite QUEENDOM participant on ONEHALLYU and win special prizes!


To participate, you must sign-up on THIS THREAD with the team you want to support.
Then, you can earn points for your team by participating in different activities hosted by the Events Team during the event.
At the end of the event, the team with the most points wins!
You can keep track of the points on the sign-ups thread.



Recurring events:
- Every weekend, @love will host a viewing party on the OH Events Cord (join here). Depending on the amount of participants, we might host a few discord games and give points to the winner teams.
- After each round of the show, a poll will be hosted by the Events Team to vote for the best performance. According to the ranking at the end of the poll, each team will earn a given amount of points.
(Round 1 poll)
(Round 2 poll)

- April 5 at 6PM EST, Game of Kings by @Trashie
- April 17 at 4PM EST, Before or After, queendOH!m version by @Koya
- April 18 at 12PM EST, QueendOH!m collaborative playlist by @Koya
- April 24 at 4PM EST, Guess The Responses by @Drowning Fish
- April 28 at 1:30PM EST, Queendom Aesthetic Contest by @Drowning Fish
- April 30 at 5PM EST, QueendOH!m collaborative playlist: Create your own drama from the OST by @Koya
- May 14 at 10AM EST, Majority Rules - Queendom Edition by @Koya
- XX at XX EST, QueendOH!m Style Showdown by @Reipaca
- XX at XX EST, ...

The event ends on June 9th, one week after the final episode of the show.
Several games will be hosted during those 10 weeks, we'll plan them bit by bit so keep an eye on the schedule or join the OH Events Discord to be notified when we host something!



The team with the most points at the end of the Events wins!
The Queendom show winner will have no impact on the Onehallyu results.

- As a prize, the winning team will get a special QUEENDOH!M Badge, similar to The Boyz badge won last year in the KingdOH!m event.

- The winning team official thread will also be pinned for 3 months.

- There will be a -20% discount on every Events Team Shop items bought related to the winning group for 3 months for all signed-up players during the event (no matter the team you picked)!
For example, if Taeyeon was a participant and won, you could get a Taeyeon ring for 48 plats instead of 60 if you signed-up during the event.

- The MVP of each team, the player that won the most points for their team, will have the possibility to choose between an unique item or an unique ring as a reward.

- All the participants will also receive a QUEENDOH!M 2 pin!


Players will also receive multiple prizes from the different games hosted during the event.


Let the show begin!


- gfx by @Reipaca

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  • Nelkoya changed the title to [QUEENDOH!M] Welcome to QUEENDOH!M 2!

Hello everyone! The schedule has been updated

- April 17 at 4PM EST, Before or After, queendOH!m version by @Koya
> it will be a minigame

- April 18 at 12PM EST, QueendOH!m collaborative playlist by @Koya
> it will be a long game, signs-up open tomorrow

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