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EVENTS TEAM UPDATE: Introducing the Events Team Shop & the Uniques Showcase!

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Hello everyone! The events team has been pretty busy lately, hosting large scale events like the OHA 2021 and the Single InfernOH! Valentine event. While bringing entertainment to the OH community, the events team also tries to improve the users experience on Onehallyu. Today, we're here to introduce a few changes regarding our special items system.


1/ Grand Opening of the EVENTS TEAM SHOP
& reviewing of the prices and items availability


With the Events Team Shop page, users can browse the different items the events team has to offer, their price and stock left. If you are interested by an item, you can simply click on "BUY" to send a PM to the @Events Team Prizes Account mentioning which item you want to buy. An events coordinator will then reply with the necessary information to proceed the purchase.

With this new shop, we decided to review the price of a few items for a better homogeneity between them.
With the new prices, also comes the possibility to buy some items with wons, not only platinum tokens anymore!

Regarding the availability, unique awards, unique .gif items and unique items can now be bought too! But with a very limited stock!
For those 3 items, purchases will not be proceeded for a month. If you want to buy an unique award, an unique .gif item or an unique item, please DM the @Events Team Prizes Account. After a month, if more people want to buy those items than the available stock, we will draw with purchases will be proceeded this year. The others will be able to redo their purchase on the next year stock.


Before buying anything, make sure to read the items rules in the NEW Events Team Shop & Prizes directory!


2/ Grand Opening of the UNIQUES SHOWCASE


The Uniques Showcase page aims to facilitate the browsing of uniques. You want to buy a ring for your favorite idol but you aren't sure about their availability? Simple! Check the Uniques Showcase page and with a quick CTRL+F research, make sure that they are still free! Same goes for any kind of unique item.

This page will also display all the special events & games pins users won for their participation in a specific event.

With this new page, our goal is also to make the Member Shop more tidy, only listing items that can directly be bought with wons.


Both the Events Team Shop and the Uniques Showcase can be found under the "Events" tab on the homepage menu!


3/ Archiving of the cOH!llection section
& discontinuation of its related prizes

The cOH!llection has been an amazing project introduced early 2019 by @snsdJM. It aimed to leave a mark of OH's state in time with its yearbook, our different events large scale events winners with its trophy room, and gave the possibility to users to win an extra events team raffle ticket with the guest books.

The yearbook and trophy room require a lot of maintenance if we want to keep them updated. Which we sadly can not afford anymore. We decided to archive the cOH!llection section, and to discontinue the Yearbook Page and Trophy prizes.

The Guest Books will still be posted in the main events section. You still have a few days to post in the current guest book if you want an extra ticket!


Thank you everyone for your interest in events and everything the events team has to offer.

To wrap this update, reminder that we recently added Awareness Ribbons into the member shop and you can post on this thread to request ribbons to be added for free.

The Onellahyu Open Recruitment 2022 is also still ongoing, do not hesitate to apply if you want to join us!



- gfx by @Reipaca

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The Events Team Shop and Uniques Showcase links both don't work. They say I don't have permission to view them.

Edited by pace
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5 minutes ago, pace said:

The Events Team Shop and Uniques Showcase links both don't work. They say I don't have permission to view them.

Hi! It should be fixed now!

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