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♡ New Recruits...Welcome! ♡


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Last month, OneHallyu announced an open recruitment for all staff teams.  Thank you to all the users who stepped up and applied; your interest in helping out OH is what keeps our site alive and functional.

I'm very pleased to welcome our new staff members and introduce them on behalf of the following teams:



Zack Morris

Zack consistently leaves an impression with their intelligence, humor, and friendly demeanor.  They've demonstrated the skills and attributes necessary for a fantastic moderator and have a great knowledge of what our community needs at any given time.  You may recognize them by their aesthetic sets and love for groups like The Boyz, GWSN, and many others.  We have already been enjoying their presence on the team and look forward to working more with Zack!




Kyul has been an active member of OneHallyu for many years.  With a fervent devotion to Itzy, aespa, StayC, Blackpink, and of course Kyulkyung, she has been an imposing promoter that anyone would find on their threads.  She was also known for her help in the resizing thread, her daily set changes, and her successful Minion Graphics Shop.  After a break, she decided to come back full force and give us some of her talents to work with.



Satan has also been an active member of OneHallyu who you may have seen a lot.  Her ultimate bias is Hyuk of VIXX, but she is pretty divided in what she likes between girl groups and boy groups.  She did a lot of graphics in the past, but she has now converted to video editing.  She is a solid trainee with many qualities that we are very happy to work with.  She does not believe in photoshop supremacy and said that sometimes she will use MS paint and no one will know.  Let's spot it together guys.



We had our gg representative and multistan, now it is time for our bg stan to shine!  Moodz is a recent user of the forum, but has quickly become known around for participating in many threads, having colorful sets, and being nominated for Rookie of the Year (congrats!). Moodz' ults consist of A.C.E, Woodz, SF9, The Boyz, and Enhypen.  She also stans many more groups and is sure to know a lot about a multitude of artists.  She is our new maknae prodigy and is eager to learn even more so that she will become a better designer.



French Rose

You may have already noticed Frenchie's drastic change in aesthetic!  One of our many resident pink lovers, she is always willing to lend a helping hand when it comes to creating mocks, voting for awards, or updating the artist threads of her favorite girl groups.  Frenchie is always kind and lovely to interact with.  We have no doubts that she'll do well on the team and fulfill everyone's badge needs and requests!




Our new @Events Team addition is a user whose name is familiar to most of you: one who was always active and dedicated to OneHallyu and added a lot with her friendly and funny personality.  Cheese is no stranger to hosting, and we hope you all give her a warm welcome and look forward for the enthusiasm she's gonna add to our events!





Surely a familiar face on the forum, Lee has been a regular poster and updater of threads here on OH for a few years now.  After deciding to provide his writing skills for the Press team, he has been creating new content quite regularly for the past few months.  We have now (finally!) gotten around to providing him his much-deserved OH! Press stamp.  Look forward to his future articles and other work!


Again, welcome to our new staff members, and we wish the entire OH community a wonderful upcoming year!

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Congrats to everyone. ❤️ 

Zack and French, I have been in your teams and I can assure you that you are in good hands. Never be afraid of exposing your doubts and worries. French, annoy Ahn, Panda and Moonie for me! Tag them just for tagging 😛 And Zach, don't be scared to annoy Love cause I'm counting on you to give her headaches. Fighting! :)  

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