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[NB] Taemin's worsening mental health in the military

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Taemin transfers out of the military band due to worsening mental health





ArticleSHINee Taemin transferred from military band to public service... "worsening depression + panic disorder"

Source: Insight via Instagram


1. [+1,450] I've noticed that there are a lot of people who don't think depression is a big deal? I hope you experience it for yourself one day. You will never be able to say the same.

2. [+1,033] We will never know the answer to "why?" unless we are in their shoes. Just stay quiet if you don't know what someone's going through. If you're a fan, just say find strength and support them. Whether physically or mentally, there is no need to point fingers at someone who is struggling.

3. [+1,096] After reading the comments, I can see why some people suffer from depression;;

4. [+702] I can't imagine the struggles he must've gone through after debuting as an idol at such a young age ㅠㅠㅠ find strength ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

5. [+375] As someone dealing with a panic disorder myself... fight to live, Taemin-!!! You can do it!!!!

6. [+346] I would still like to praise him for taking his first step as a soldier

7. [+124] The comments are making me want to support him

8. [+95] After reading some comments here, I can see why celebrities get depression and panic disorders

9. [+374] I think he knew what the comments would be like so he chose to stick it out for eight months even though he's been suffering from these conditions way before his enlistment... It would've been more comfortable for him if he had just gone into public service from the start.

10. [+89] Ah.. depression... find strength...


Source: Wikitree via Instagram

1. [+229] From Jonghyun to Taemin, seems like SHINee is going through a lot, especially severe depression and panic disorder. As big as SM is, why aren't they doing a better job supporting the mental health of their artists?

2. [+108] Taemin has been suffering from these disorders long before his enlistment and it seems like he tried to stick it out for as long as possible seeing as how his transfer is happening eight months after his enlistment. It's not nice to speak ill of him without knowing the depths of his struggles.

3. [+57] We all have our own fears and struggles

4. [+27] Don't think bad thoughts, let's see you soon, Taemin-! There are so many people who love you and are waiting for you~ come back and let me shower you with the love you've been missing!! Find strength for just a bit more!!

5. [+16] Taemin-ah, find strength


source: netizenbuzz



" I’m someone that was from the same batch as him and lived in the same quarters in the Nonsan Training Center. During basic training, he did bring with him many medicines for depression and I remember that every evening, he would go collect his medicines and eat them. Every time that happened, even if he was suffering, he would show us a bright side of himself as someone older than us dongsaengs, and would even play with us. I heard that he had suffered from this since prior to his enlistment and he was a hyung that always worked hard and hung in there at every training. I hope people won’t criticize him too much. "



"I’m someone that took the same test as Taemin hyung. We lived together for about 2 weeks and he had been receiving medicines for depression and anxiety attacks every day. But even so, he was still suffering. Sleeping pills, sleeping aids, he would take 6 to 8 pills and yet every night, he would often wake up after nightmares. So because it seemed not to be enough, he received additional medicine at night and took them. But even so, he always smiled for his fellow soldiers in the living quarters that were taking the same test as him and even counselled us. Even though he was sick, he was a good hyung that always took care of others more. Lastly, when we parted, he told us to keep our chins up and encouraged us like a kind hyung. He also said that he was afraid that if he left, people would talk. So since he seems to be in pain, I hope you wouldn’t criticize him too much. Thank you."


































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My heart aches for him. I didn't know he suffered from depression. As someone who dealed with that illness in the past and knows how hollow it can leave your mind and soul, my heart goes to him. Find strenght Taemin-ah! Get better, shining star.

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12 hours ago, xhara said:

 I think he should be pulled out and exempted from the mandatory enlistment

Is exemption even possible?  Was there anyone who even got exempted? Its called "mandatory" for a reason. Seeing as South Koreans pride and think highly of their military service especially since they're still technically at war, it's impossible.

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21 minutes ago, schue said:

Is exemption even possible?  Was there anyone who even got exempted? Its called "mandatory" for a reason. Seeing as South Koreans pride and think highly of their military service especially since they're still technically at war, it's impossible.

There are definitely people who get exempted and discharged from the South Korean military for mental health reasons

It’s only in severe cases though

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3 hours ago, schue said:

Is exemption even possible?  Was there anyone who even got exempted? Its called "mandatory" for a reason. Seeing as South Koreans pride and think highly of their military service especially since they're still technically at war, it's impossible.

Yes, there are people who got exempted but not many. It's hard to get it because it's only for very serious cases or at least what the Republic of Korean Army deemed to be life-threatening and fatal.

An example of celebrity who got it was Yoo Ah In due to some form of bone cancer. He got exempted and didn't have to go through mandatory enlistment at all but he got tons of shit by knetz who think he wanted to evade enlistment through special connections. They also accused him of intentionally postponing his service up to the max limit age of 31 where his condition became bad enough to grant him an exemption. So if a celeb gets an exemption, they will get judged and most of the comments will always be full of hate and made up rumors.

Taemin's case reminds me of Lee Joon. Just like Taemin, he originally went to do active duty but then got transferred to public service due to panic disorder. Except that his agency didn't act fast or put out statement first like SM did, which resulted in this: https://www.asianjunkie.com/2018/02/14/lee-joon-has-panic-disorder-agency-ceo-refutes-reports-of-suicide-attempt-by-posting-his-wrists/



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Enlistment is crap. Not just for celebs, fmbut for general public too. My friend said that when he went in, he had a hard time and got a disc injury but they didn't care. And he said a bunch of guys committed the s word too while he was in there. They really go through a lot, and imagine having that on top of an already struggling mental state. Career need to change these laws.

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