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Yuehua's newest group Tempest will be their first one without a chinese member


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looks like they learned from all the backlash lol

6 korean members (hyeongseop and euiwoong from produce 101 s2, jaewon from under19, newcomers bonhyuk, byungseop and taerae) and 1 vietnamese member (hanbin from i-land)

also theyre kinda on the hag side, love to see it! 98 99 00 01 01 01 02


anyway anticipate jaewon and friends, hopefully they release good music 🤩


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40 minutes ago, 5201314 said:

YH doesn't actively recruit in vietnam. Hanbin was simply a good quality free agent pickup in korea. 

If Tempest debut is doing great with sales from Vietnam, Yuehua might actively recruit there. Other companies like Cube, SM and Rbw has held audition in Vietnam in the past. 

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8 hours ago, munyuna said:

British Brits GIF - British Brits GIFs


6 hours ago, felidae said:

1998-2002 is "hag side"?

So do we glorify having idol kids?


yall really understanding this the way you want lol im literally the same age as hyeongseop, obviously compared to all the 06ers and 07ers debuting theyre on the hag side, thats what i was basing myself on. all the members are 20+ its rare nowadays, it wasnt a drag or anything 😴 boring

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