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CNetz think Lay is going to leave SM Entertainment

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Its so funny to me because last week, some ifans/exols on Twitter were excited at the thought he's coming back to Korea in 2022, thinking he's coming back to reunite with his Korean members or "brothers" as fans like to call and delude themselves that EXO members are close lol (yeah don't be surprised there are still exols that think they have a close bond). Turns out he's packing his bags and taking the remainder of his stuff in Korea to China.

Well this is unsurprising and to be expected since he actually has a career and making alot more in China than he ever did in Korea. He even set up his studio there and has been absent in EXO for quite awhile. 

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The writing has been on the wall for years. He has nothing to gain by staying unless he wants to be in EXO that badly (which anyone can see he doesn't). What I think is more interesting is whether any of the Korean members will choose not to renew.

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The tweet.

#ZhangYixing's contract with SM Entertainment will expire this year with no plans of renewal. He's currently in consideration for drama 《苍穹之北》with #YangZi. His drama 《落花时节》is set to be airing on 14 Jan, but he doesn't have many scenes there.


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All EXO members have a 10-year contract. They debuted in 2012, so their contract will end in 2022. There's no surprise about it and there's no reason for Lay to renew his contract.

Kris and Luhan will also leave EXO in 2022. I heard that both still pay an amount of money for SM due to this contract. 


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