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[OHA 2021] Final voting is open for ONEHALLYU AWARDS 2021! Cast your vote now

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Hello Onehallyu, It's MC OHBI welcoming you to



After Nominating the Best of Korean Japanese Chinese and Onehallyu acts

Now  It's Time for Onehallyu to Decide Which Acts Should be Crowned for this Seasons Awards!


Final Voting is Open!

You can Now Vote for your Favorite Acts of 2021 

You have to Submit your votes in this form!

- You don't have to vote in all the categories.
- Only votes from Onehallyu users will be counted for the final voting through google form.
- You can only vote once per account.
- You can submit your votes until Sunday January 16, 11:59pm KST.

Extra voting can be done through Twitter, follow @onehallyu on Twitter to not miss a Twitter Voting Event!



Every voter gets a special OHA2021 badge and a ticket for the Events Team Seasonal raffle!



A special badge will be made for each daesang winners in the Korean / Japanese / Chinese categories.
Within the daesang winners, you the community will also be able to vote for one of them on which a THEME will be based!

Finally, the winners of the Onehallyu categories will get a few surprises...


MC OHBI Wish you a happy voting! 


- gfx by @Bel.

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 KOREAN ENT. kD4c37y.png

  • Artist of the year - Daesang: aespa, BTS, IU, Twice
  • Song of the year - Daesang: aespa - Next Level, Twice - The Feels, BTS - Butter, IU - Lilac
  • Album of the year - Daesang: Twice - Formula of Love: O+T=<3, Aespa - Savage, Lilac by IU, The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE - TXT
  • Drama of the year - Daesang: Mouse, My Name, Squid Game, Vincenzo
  • Rookie of the year: aespa, Billlie, IVE, STAYC
  • Best Girlgroup: aespa, ITZY, Red Velvet, Twice
  • Best Boygroup: BTS, Enhypen, NCT, SHINee
  • Best Soloist: Chungha, IU, Taeyeon, Somi
  • Best Music Video: aespa - Next Level, aespa - Savage, BTS - Butter, Twice - Alcohol Free
  • Movie of the year: Sinkhole, Space Sweepers
  • Actress/Actor of the year: Cha Eunwoo, Han SoHee
  • Webtoon of the year: True Beauty, ANTI P.T, Death is the only ending of the villainess 


JAPANESE ENT. stJ3rxm.png

  • Artist of the year - Daesang: AKB48, Arashi, LiSa, Sakurazaka46
  • Song of the year - Daesang: AKB48 - Nemo Hamo Rumor, LiSA - Akeboshi, Utada Hikaru - One Last Kiss
  • Album of the year - Daesang: Aimer - Walpurgis, Colorless - Taichi Mukai
  • Anime/Manga of the year - Daesang: Demon Slayer, One Piece, Shingeki no kyojin, Tokyo Revengers
  • Rookie of the year: Dios, INI, Naniwa Danshi
  • Best Girlgroup: AKB48, Hinatazaka46, Perfume
  • Best Boygroup: Burnout Syndromes, JO1, KAT-TUN, Snow Man
  • Best Soloist: Aimer, Chanmina, Daoko, Sayaka Yamamoto
  • Best Music Video: AKB48 - Rumor, HKT48 - Kimi to Dokota e Ikitai, Chanmina - BIJIN, Kenshi Yonezu - Pale Blue
  • Movie of the year: Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet, Rurouni Kenshin:The Final
  • Actress/Actor of the year: Hirose Suzu, Kento Yamazaki, Ren Meguro, Satoh Takeru
  • Video game of the year: osu! , Pokémon (BS/SP), Resident Evil: Village



  • Artist of the year - Daesang: INTO1, Lexie Liu, WAYV, WOLF(S)
  • Song of the year - Daesang: WOLF(S) - Moon Landing, Lexie Liu - ALGTR, WayV Action Figure, WayV - Kick Back
  • Album of the year - Daesang: INTO1 - THE STORM CENTER, Feng Ze - Eclipse (日環食), Lexie Liu - GONE GOLD, WayV - Kick Back
  • Drama of the year - Daesang: Fall in Love 2021, The Day of Becoming you, Unrequited Love
  • Rookie of the year: Only one nominated group, directly getting the 👑
  • Best Girlgroup: PER6IX, THE9
  • Best Boygroup: R1SE, WAYV, WOLF(S)
  • Best Soloist: Kenny Khoo (Qiu FengZe), Lexie Liu, Ten, Zhou Zhennan
  • Best Music Video: WayV - Kick back, WOLF(S) - Moon Landing
  • Movie of the year: One movie nominated, straight to being crowned winner 👑
  • Actress/Actor of the year: Dilireba, Hu Yi Tian, Zhao Lu Si, Zhou Keyu
  • Manhua of the year: Tamen di Gushi, She is also cute today



  • Onehallyu's Center - You see them everywhere, they own the forum: Koya. Lee, Love, loveablejoy
  • Onehallyu's Reporter - The best updater, never missing your faves news thanks to them: Aegyo, Lee, Loveablejoy, neozone
  • Onehallyu's Clown - Not in a bad way, they are funny and bring joy all around them: Angy, eli, shinki, Trashie
  • Onehallyu's Visual - Always on their best aesthetics, they look amazing: Aphrodisiac, Bel., Koya, Love
  • Onehallyu's Rookie of the year - A user that arrived this year but already iconic on OH: DDiddy, Honey Oats, Moodz, peach0827
  • Onehallyu's Veteran Idol - Been here for years and still around: abra, Koya, Nev Schulman
  • Onehallyu's Retired Idol - That user that isn't active on the forum anymore but still in our hearts: Daddy Marx (Chimkookie), Green Tea is Green, satoori, Seunghee's eyebrows
  • Onehallyu's Best Staff - Your favorite staff member of the forum: Bel. , Koya, Love, Trashie
  • Onehallyu's Iconic Thread of 2021: Jennie & GD Dating News, Kep1er Official Thread, 1M wons Giveaway (SPAMILY), Which male idols do you think are gay?
  • Onehallyu's Best Event of 2021: Advent Calendar, OHA2021, Squid Game, Valentine
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