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Hello everyone~

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Hello~ I've read posts on this site for a little bit now but this is my first time posting 😌
I go by Mark or Zenona! either name works for me, and my pronouns are he/they.
I like lots of different artists and I have a lot of passion for music and art. If I had to choose favorites I'd say some of my favorites are Seventeen, SHINee, SKZ, A.C.E, Twice, IU, and Woodz among others. I've been into k-pop specifically since 2018 but I like a lot of music genres. 

I also really like things like MBTI (I don't take it super seriously just find it very fun and interesting), and I am currently learning Mandarin.

I like discussing songs, shows, artists, and media in general with other people and hearing different opinions so I can get a clearer and wider perspective of things. I'm not super accustomed to using forums, so hopefully I can figure out how to navigate around here xd 

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