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US reports over a million new COVID-19 cases, setting a global record

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We'll still be dealing with this pandemic long after everyone else has beat it and barred us from traveling outside the country. This is what happens when your privilege goes unchecked. 

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On 1/7/2022 at 10:53 PM, KoreaxxLove said:

And the vast majority of those people will be just fine.

People don't realize the mass manipulation going on by these higher institutions and government. The survival rate is actually BETTER than the flu.

The media exaggerates the pandemic on purpose because they are essentially advertisements for the vaccine which is making Pfizer and the Healthcare industry billions.  The media and big tech are in bed with the healthcare giants because obviously they pay pretty well

There is no profit in reporting a unvaccinated survived covid with mild symptoms (this case REPRESENTS THE MAJORITY, but no one wants to truthfully admit it), You have to intentionally scare people. The "real" killer is most of the people dying are people who were obese/overweight. They were unhealthy to begin with and the healthcare industry (which btw is still not free) makes the most money out of those people. Obesity is the biggest killer in the america. A majority of americans are overweight and it is obviously set up that way imo. They don't make money off a healthy population afterall.


The end of the pandemic is near as virus mutations do eventually get more mild + more and more people aren't believing half the BS the media is reporting, especially with the censorship going against prominent vaccine scientists and doctors. Its causing a Streisand effect. Its making people question things they are being told.

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