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Fond Farewells + New Year Greetings!

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Rolling into 2022 it has been another unusual year for us all, but we're moving onto new horizons, and hopefully better times ahead both on and off OH. On that note I want to extend our gratitude to @DDavinci (our forever JungKook expert), @Taelent (still a suave cat), and @Sofs (she still secretly thinks mods are cooler than awards team 😎) who are leaving the senior mod team, and continuing their journey onto new and greater things in life. They all gave so much of their time, care, and love to the OH community since they joined the team back in 2019. I want them to know how much we appreciate everything they have done. It was a pleasure, and honour working alongside them, and I wish them only the best in their new adventures. Being a mod can be a thankless job sometimes, with disgruntled users often being the most vocal towards them, but they keep this community open, and welcoming to any and everyone. I want you to know how much that means to us all. Thank you for giving your time, and knowledge so generously. 


Moving onto a bit of housekeeping. Some of you may (if you tried to make a dupe 💀), or may not have noticed that we transitioned back to moderator approval for new account creations. Unfortunately, we experienced an influx of spam accounts targeting some strange things (if you were in the market for vinyl siding, or a new tea kettle I'm sorry for this loss). The account approvals are checked often, and any approval delays are very minimal unless you're trying to join to sell us all mufflers. 


I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy 2022 from the OH team. I hope everyone has a safe, and healthy year. As always, please be kind to one another. 


Be sure to check out the new awareness ribbons if you haven't already!

- Pine

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thank you so much dd, tae, and sofs for all your time and effort in helping the OH community 💜 i'll miss you three dearly but wish you the best with all your future endeavors!

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happy new year, everybody!  may we all thrive in 2022.

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happy new year y'all ❤️

wish you a great journey ahead ddavinci taelent and sofs!

thanks for all your hard work and trust (in me sofs) i wish y'all nothing but the best! 


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Thank you so much to this amazing team that received me with open arms. Special thanks to Pine and Bekki who are the best admins anyone can ever have. Thanks for the laughs and moments. I grew up a lot thanks to y'all. It was a long (short for some) journey with Mods team, Awards team and OH members. Hope life brights shine for everyone. It's been a honor  ❤️ 

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