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Have you ever felt the desire to cut people out of your life even though they did nothing wrong?

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So last year, something happened to me – it wasn't anything that bad and it'd probably seem dramatic and silly to most people here, but it totally destroyed me. Ever since, I've just wanted to shut myself away. I've always been a homebody but this is totally different. There are so many people around me who I love to death, but when I see them and talk to them I just feel anxious and miserable. I just want to have the feeling of complete aloneness and a "fresh start" rather than have so many people who are kind of in my life but kind of not. It's gotten to the point that I honestly just want to stop interacting with my friends and acquaintances altogether. I still live at home, so it's like I don't have ANY human interaction, and I just know I'd be so much happier. The problem is that it just feels like an immature and selfish thing to do, especially to the people who need me/rely on me. Do I have a right to do it for my own happiness, or is it just a total dick move?

I don't know if this is even relatable to anyone... it's such a strange feeling to not want to have anything to do with people that you actually really love when they didn't do anything wrong at all

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This is literally me. I've ghosted my college friends with no reason at all. I've considered university friends solely as university friends alone; outside of it, it feels like they don't exist to me. They've constantly pm-ed me which I completely ignored -- reunions, simple gathering, birthday celebration -- not until they've pm-ed my relatives which prompted me to acknowledge them. Dick move? Selfish? I guess.

I don't know, am really that person who enjoys 99% of aloneness, minding my own world. 

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Yes. I wanna ignore siblings and family members. I mean with some things have happened but not enough to entirely ghost them. I just do not want to have family that is related to me or family friends at all. I am also a homebody on top of that. I don't mind friends but I prefer them on a distance. With family I want them entirely gone out of my life.

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yes, i really want to cut off two of my good friends. we had a lot in common 2 years ago when we met but now one of them got a boyfriend and in general we changed completely as people and don't have anything in common so our conversations are so forced. but i don't know how to cut them off without hurting their feelings.

they didn't do anything wrong but i don't wanna be friends with them anymore. 

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I feel you. The majority of the friendships that I've had so far have been very perfomative and thus felt kind of disingenuous so I kind of just decided to distance myself from everyone this year.

I'm fortunate enough that I'm mentally able to just go by and not need/want to be around many people all the time but I still feel bad for cutting people off, since I'm also lucky enough none of them were bad/toxic to me.

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