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The Official IVE 18+ Thread

Who Do You Wanna Fuck In IVE?  

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  1. 1. Which one of these IVE members do you really wanna fuck one day?

    • Yujin
    • GaEul

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Well, hello everyone.  First off, I would like to say that I am finally back after being away for a super long time because I have gotten soooo much to take care of during all this time and, ummmm, it's soooooo good to be back.  OK, alright, so with that out of the way, I have decided to return with a much needed 18+ thread being made for Starship Entertainment's rookie girl group, IVE.  Now, of course due to the fact that such sexually explicit talk about underaged female idols is absolutely forbidden in the forum, I will be excluding Rei, Wonyoung, Liz and Leeseo from this thread for the time being.  Alright, everyone?  Please do understand that AND please refrain from talking about them in this thread UNTIL all three underaged members are at least 18 years old internationally and 19 years old domestically in South Korea respectively.


The only members in IVE that we are allowed to talk about here are GaEul and Yujin.  That's it.  They are the only two members in the group that we are allowed to talk about here in a sexually explicit kind of nature.  OK, ya'll?  So, ummm, with that being said, without any more boring chit-chat, let's begin this infinite X-rated chat about IVE.  And remember, again, Rei, Wonyoung, Liz and Leeseo are off limits for now.  I will let you know who you will be allowed to talk about here as we go along, by the way.  Happy perving and lewding!!!!!!!!!!

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On 11/21/2021 at 1:18 PM, falze said:

Yujin and Wonyoung the best so fuck the rest


Hey, I just said that Yujin and GaEul are the only members in IVE that we can talk about here.  No lewd and sexually explicit talk about the underaged members in here PLEASE!!!!!!!!!  And that ESPECIALLY goes for attempts to talk about Wonyoung in this very thread.  OK, soooo, with that being said, save all of that sexual thirst for Wonyoung until Wednesday, August 31, 2022.  You got that?

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