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Squid Game is Live - Happy Halloween! [NEW THEME]

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Happy Halloween Onehallyu!

Missed us? Graphics Team is out again with another festive theme.

 As usual, the theme will be available for all users for a couple of weeks. Get in the mood by getting matching sets with your favourites characters and enjoy it while it last...or YOU last.



How to Change it?

This theme will be up by default, but if you wish to change back to another one at any moment, it is possible to do so by going to the bottom of the forum. You will see theme and privacy policy, you can click on Theme and select the one you prefer.



Pick Up your Stamp!

If you go to the Shop, you can also pick a number between 067, 101, 199, 212, 218, 240 and 456.
See preview below


Team 067


Team 101


Team 199


Team 212


Team 218


Team 240


Team 456




Also, a reminder that the Graphics Team is recruiting new membersPlease check it out if you are interested.
 We are definitely interested. 


To participate in the festivities, please go check the Event Team Thread! Squid Game Theme Park Is Open



Special Thanks for @craZy and @Rei-chama for the stellar work this time around. 🥺 

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looks great!

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