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YG Entertainment Takes Legal Action For Malicious Rumors About Artists 

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7 hours ago, Thigh-high feminist said:

Switch back, sure, but why do it so publicly together? That's what has gotten people angry (because they did it to a SK company), they look bitchy and unprofessional (Im not saying they are, but what they did does not happen...groups don't do that so what did Samsung do to deserve that is my question).

They didn't do it publicly together? The photos in the post weren't even new outside of Jisoo's who made the post with new phone case, which she got like day before in some promo pack, she shared unpacking in stories.

Also the deal with Samsung ended year ago. How long should they wait until they phones are allowed to appear in mirror selfies etc.?

Models aren't obliged to purchase/use products of their contractors after their contract ended.

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42 minutes ago, Thigh-high feminist said:

No clue how long they should wait. The article looked like they all posted on the same day. Since they didn't do it together, sorry for misunderstanding.

The article was made to stir 💩, what else to expect. Funny thing is that BP hold onto their contract well while it lasted. Even though they still used iPhones even back then, all their official photos was either with Samsung or the phone was covered. Samsung products were featured in their mv. It went to the point when they were prohibited to make selfies with fan if the fan's phone wasn't Samsung. There were some really funny anecdotes going around about it. And now they are getting hated for not being loyal year after the contract ended. It's bs. Saying not even as their fan but more like casual follower of kpop. 


38 minutes ago, rananicolee said:

Yeah Jennie's post was from July. The NB post was incredibly misleading. She still has the ole agenda. 


The post originated from Korea and the controversy is real in Korea tbh. I doubt this is just NB agenda even though NB agenda is well known by now. 🙄

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