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Guest Book: Fall 2021 - what is Your Favorite Movie/Series to watch in an Autumn Night?


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That's a hard question

Autumn is all about being comfortable in a blanket and spooky/halloween stuff so American Horror Story, Little Women, Vincent (short), Paprika, the Harry Potter series, V for Vendetta, Wizard of Oz and anything from Tim Burton. Pretty much anything with surrealistic or fantasy elements. I also like neutral or darker color palettes in this season so movies such as Fight Club or Oldboy are cool too, though they are cool anytime in the year tsk

But it's also spring now in the south and i wanna get more hearts for that, u see. For spring something light hearted, refreshing or visually bright is the best IMO. I'd go with any ghibli movie, Midsommar, Forest Gump, little miss sunshine, the truman show, the Great Budapest Hotel or any disney animated movie.


So my final answer is

Squid Game :imstupid:


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