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Guest Book: Fall 2021 - what is Your Favorite Movie/Series to watch in an Autumn Night?


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Hello everyone and welcome to the COH!LLECTION Guestbook, Fall 2021 edition!

This guestbook will allow you to win extra tickets for the Events Team Seasonal Raffle.


In order to win an extra ticket for the raffle, all you need to do is to post on this thread to reply to this question:

Best Movie/ Series to watch in an Autumn night? 

Additionally, if your post gets 5 Love ❤️  reactions, you will get another extra ticket! So you can get up to 2 tickets via this thread.



- You need to reply to the question of this thread.
- If your post gets 5 Love reactions you get a second ticket.
- Only your first post will count, so no need to spam to get more tickets. However, you are free to discuss on this thread so you can post as much as you want.
- Your ticket(s) will only count for the Fall Seasonal Raffle of 2021.

The posts and reactions will count until the 31st of December, 11:59pm KST!


Happy& Cozy Fall  everyone!

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