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What do you do when you feel overwhelmed?


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I am actually going through a huge life change right now (moving across the country in 4 days) and so I have been stressssed this is what i've been doing

1. Have some routine. It does not have to be big mine is right now just make sure I eat, take my meds, and practice duolingo that's it but it helps. If I feel like I have control and have a good handle over some things in my life it can settle down some of the anxiety. 

2. Distraction. Music, color by number app, tv shows really anything. Those are examples are of more passive activities but taking walks, dancing, cooking really anything that does not involve thinking about anxiety provoking things works.

3. Engage your senses. If you feel numb you feel disconnected so you need to reconnect. So you can use the 5 senses you have to shift back in. I like showers, loud music, eating sour stuff all lovely

4. Self care. This sorta serves the same purpose as routine but with the add on of feeling cared for. Showers fit here too along with making sure you eat, having a nice evening to wind down and getting sleep. Anxiety can get worse when you are hungry or tired because body and mind are connected.

5. Compassion for yourself. Be nice to yourself I don't know what thoughts your having but it's important to just be kind and give yourself time. If you are looking for ideas of maybe how to tackle these thoughts from a more concrete point of view HERE  HERE

Hope the thoughts start to subside soon. You are good enough. We can all be better at one thing or another but we are all good enough intrinsically at being people and we are all doing the best we can. 

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