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What do you do when you feel overwhelmed?


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I kinda was feeling like this yesterday and I just cry it out a bit to myself.. Prolly not so healthy hhh. But it was at work and an hr later is time I always go on break with a few coworkers. Not really talked to them about it


Bc to explain my issues to make it make sense I'd have to explain my avpd and ig the side effects of it.. Bc my issue was someone else did sumn to trigger it to me & it's not common issue I think most ppl would know the feeling it gives. And I'm just not gonna unprompted drop that on work friends. Even real friends unless they asked. 

I'd recommend keeping journal or just write down to sort of get those feelings out. But if you're with people  maybe there's people you can be around a bit to make you comfortable, stabilize ur emotions ig. Bc for me, I felt fine after break. And ig neutral after going back to work for most part. Actually I was really sad I was gonna skip my break and leave early as I can to just mope at home. Glad I didn't ig bc I wouldve been much worse. Don't shut out people around you that can help ig is the lesson. In general. If there's anything you can do to help you feel better. I m not much help really bc I used to be in therapy and on meds for depression and stuff but when I've been off it not by choice for years now. But if you have that option it's worth try. And just things you do in spare time to take your mind off things /make you happy. For me it's usually watching movies or listening to podcasts, or sleeping it off. It helps in moment tho is really only escapism. As for stopping the thoughts it's more helpful doing stuff like Journaling etc to sort of work thru ur feelings bc when sad and overwhelmed you can't really think reasonably to be able to cope well

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