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What do you do when you feel overwhelmed?


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Hi everyone. These past few days have been extremely rough. I either feel numb or am overwhelmed with anxious and sad thoughts. What do yo do to calm yourself or distract your mind when there's too much going on in your head? How do you learn to treat yourself well and not hate yourself whenever you think you're not good enough? 

I'd really appreciate any advice or encouragement. Thank you 💜.

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13 hours ago, starsocks said:

I don’t really have any advice but I’m sorry you feel that way OP

You are good enough ❤️

You don't need to feel sorry! I really appreciate the kind words ❤️.

13 hours ago, love said:

okay idk how to say this without sounding like i'm sponsored but

there's this pixel art app i use that's basically a color-by-number...i find it relaxing bc you're basically forced to focus on a specific task + holding and swiping to color big chunks of color is just fun to me lfdskj...maybe you'd enjoy?

Pixel Art - Colour by Numbers on the App Store

i also distract myself by talking to friends.  (and if you ever want to chat, i'm a PM away 💙)

Thank you so much! I'm very glad you suggested me this app because I've spent the last few days trying to find good apps to calm my anxiety. I've downloaded the app and I'll try it out when I'm free 💙.

13 hours ago, Bel. said:

Yesterday I felt very overwhelmed by negative thoughts because some problems sort of pilled up one after another all at the same time. It did trigger my anxiety, and I have terrible anxiety so I learned to deal with it over the years. My first reflex was to talk about it to someone I'm close to. I have been able to calm down afterwards, it didn't go quickly, but having a conversation about it always seems to help for me. Make sure to think logically about the problems you may have. Usually, we tend to be overwhelmed by emotions and that make us act impulsively, and that's why I like to seek help from others people that tend to have a unbiased view over the matter. 

As for the question of how to learn to treat yourself - patience and time. You have to put in the efforts for it and willing to make a change. Just know that you are DEFINITLY worth it and good enough. Start small. Just do a simple thing for yourself that you love, just that could help you tremendously. 

I don't know what you are going through right now OP, but I hope whatever I just said may help you. 🥺 💙

I completely agree with your first paragraph, but the thing is that I don't have anybody to talk to. I only talk freely to my counselor, but we don't get to meet every day. I'll try to find someone who will listen to all my thoughts without judgment. You're right about the importance of patience and time. Thank you for putting that out there because I needed to remember that. Thank you so much for taking the time to type all this. It's helpful 💙

12 hours ago, PastelPetals said:

I am actually going through a huge life change right now (moving across the country in 4 days) and so I have been stressssed this is what i've been doing

1. Have some routine. It does not have to be big mine is right now just make sure I eat, take my meds, and practice duolingo that's it but it helps. If I feel like I have control and have a good handle over some things in my life it can settle down some of the anxiety. 

2. Distraction. Music, color by number app, tv shows really anything. Those are examples are of more passive activities but taking walks, dancing, cooking really anything that does not involve thinking about anxiety provoking things works.

3. Engage your senses. If you feel numb you feel disconnected so you need to reconnect. So you can use the 5 senses you have to shift back in. I like showers, loud music, eating sour stuff all lovely

4. Self care. This sorta serves the same purpose as routine but with the add on of feeling cared for. Showers fit here too along with making sure you eat, having a nice evening to wind down and getting sleep. Anxiety can get worse when you are hungry or tired because body and mind are connected.

5. Compassion for yourself. Be nice to yourself I don't know what thoughts your having but it's important to just be kind and give yourself time. If you are looking for ideas of maybe how to tackle these thoughts from a more concrete point of view HERE  HERE

Hope the thoughts start to subside soon. You are good enough. We can all be better at one thing or another but we are all good enough intrinsically at being people and we are all doing the best we can. 

Thank you so much. This is a really good response and I will screenshot it. I like what you said about engaging my senses. I'll try that out. Self care also makes a lot of sense. I've been skipping meals and losing out on sleep, so I'll try to prioritize them. The fifth point is really hard for me to do since I vehemently hate myself often but the two links you provided might help. Once again, thank you for taking your time to give such a detailed response. It means a lot 💜.

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18 hours ago, taenguri said:

I'd suggest a diary or journal where you can write down your thoughts and feelings. It can be just any random notebook you have lying around or just the notes app on your phone. It's good to get your thoughts into words, and it helps to process your feelings and better understand them

I also like playing games when I need to calm down...I get the switch out and I play a lot of animal crossing, stardew valley, mario kart since they're my faves

ngl I think I used to use this exact app...it had 3d art as well is that the same one 

I tried keeping a diary/journal but I often end up submerging myself in negativity, but you gave me an idea. I've had a blog for ages and I might try writing down my thoughts there. Since I like my blog posts to be encouraging and good, I might be able to write my thoughts in a healthier and more controlled manner. I wish I had a gaming console 😭. I left my 3DS back home. But, I do have a laptop and phone, so I can play various games on those. Thank you for your help 💜 (I love the Giselle pfp btw. It's one of my favorite pics of her).

18 hours ago, Zack Morris said:

I usually write down all of my negative thoughts and grievances in a Google Docs and/or go to a private place to rant about it to myself just to get all my emotions sorted. 

Sorry I couldn’t offer much help but I wish you the best and hope you’re able to find something that helps. 

Don't feel sorry! I'll try typing down all my thoughts when I wanna vent. Thank you 💜.

17 hours ago, Aegyo said:

I would go to the park and listen to music...breathe and not talk to anyone..just take a break from life..an hour would help...works for me every time!

another thing that works is playing a game that would distract me like toon blast..it distracts my attention from my thoughts..

You will be ok ❤️ 

Hi Aegyo! I do walk a lot around campus and listen to music, but the weather these days is kinda not making it possible. Toon Blast looks fun! Lemme download it. Thank you so much for your kind words  ❤️.

14 hours ago, deobizone said:

I kinda was feeling like this yesterday and I just cry it out a bit to myself.. Prolly not so healthy hhh. But it was at work and an hr later is time I always go on break with a few coworkers. Not really talked to them about it

  Reveal hidden contents

Bc to explain my issues to make it make sense I'd have to explain my avpd and ig the side effects of it.. Bc my issue was someone else did sumn to trigger it to me & it's not common issue I think most ppl would know the feeling it gives. And I'm just not gonna unprompted drop that on work friends. Even real friends unless they asked. 

I'd recommend keeping journal or just write down to sort of get those feelings out. But if you're with people  maybe there's people you can be around a bit to make you comfortable, stabilize ur emotions ig. Bc for me, I felt fine after break. And ig neutral after going back to work for most part. Actually I was really sad I was gonna skip my break and leave early as I can to just mope at home. Glad I didn't ig bc I wouldve been much worse. Don't shut out people around you that can help ig is the lesson. In general. If there's anything you can do to help you feel better. I m not much help really bc I used to be in therapy and on meds for depression and stuff but when I've been off it not by choice for years now. But if you have that option it's worth try. And just things you do in spare time to take your mind off things /make you happy. For me it's usually watching movies or listening to podcasts, or sleeping it off. It helps in moment tho is really only escapism. As for stopping the thoughts it's more helpful doing stuff like Journaling etc to sort of work thru ur feelings bc when sad and overwhelmed you can't really think reasonably to be able to cope well

Writing down thoughts seems to be a popular option. I will try that. I will try sleeping more because I've noticed that I become more depressed and anxious when I sleep less. I like your suggestion of watching movies. It's been a while I've watched a movie, so it might make me forget about the world for a while and help me. Thank you so much for the advice 💜. I hope you're feeling better too.

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On 10/13/2021 at 1:35 PM, Corysilk said:

honestly?  I watch porn.  I'm trying to change it tho because not only is it a waste of time, but it also puts me in a bad mood afterwards.  Oh and with the invention of onlyfans I found myself actually paying for porn which is something I NEVER did.  I hope I can start working on side projects instead, or maybe even working out. 

Thank you for replying 💜. I really hope that you can spend time on achieving your goals and getting healthier. When I was addicted to certain websites, I downloaded an extension on my browser to block those addicting sites. There are apps on phones that can do that too.

16 hours ago, Lee said:

Recently (in the past month) I followed guided meditation.

I tend to leave this clip open while lying down on my bed. I sometimes listen to it once or twice in a day.

Guided meditations tend to use examples of imagery, which is used in the process of healing. I like the examples used in the clip I've shared. Specifically, the images of doves, a lake and 'emerald green' (grass). Along with the gentle narration, I feel protected mentally and physically relieved. I've noticed improvements in my quality of sleep.

While listening, I am reminded I can have control over my own situation. That my thoughts and concerns are equally valid. Not only did it invoke a temporary sense of bliss to come from within me, it also helped me to consciously alleviate certain pressures, especially those which are self-inflicted.

I sometimes combine this in conjunction with free writing. Like you, I don't keep a working journal. It gets overwhelming. I also don't think I would be able to motivate myself in order to engage properly with these thoughts or to make sense of them, especially when I'm distressed.

Thank you so much for the detailed reply 💜. Guided meditation is something I've always wanted to try out but I didn't know where to begin, so I really appreciate the link. It's nice to see that you also relate to me about keeping a journal. Free writing seems to be the better option. Once again, thanks!

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