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What do you do when you feel overwhelmed?


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Recently (in the past month) I followed guided meditation.

I tend to leave this clip open while lying down on my bed. I sometimes listen to it once or twice in a day.

Guided meditations tend to use examples of imagery, which is used in the process of healing. I like the examples used in the clip I've shared. Specifically, the images of doves, a lake and 'emerald green' (grass). Along with the gentle narration, I feel protected mentally and physically relieved. I've noticed improvements in my quality of sleep.

While listening, I am reminded I can have control over my own situation. That my thoughts and concerns are equally valid. Not only did it invoke a temporary sense of bliss to come from within me, it also helped me to consciously alleviate certain pressures, especially those which are self-inflicted.

I sometimes combine this in conjunction with free writing. Like you, I don't keep a working journal. It gets overwhelming. I also don't think I would be able to motivate myself in order to engage properly with these thoughts or to make sense of them, especially when I'm distressed.

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