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[Pannchoa] Knets discuss the reason behind Giselle's debut

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34 minutes ago, Nero_Kpop said:

I searched it and everybody in japanese twitter call her 内永えり, no あ

Edit: i see Ae Ri is probably the koreanization of her name since she is half korean, my knowledge of korean is lacking that's why i thought ae was peculiar when it is not so much

Oh well Im not japanese, but even before Aespa debut, there was a rumour about the trainee "Aeri", 에리 in Hangul, which is "Aeri"

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15 hours ago, jeong jaehyuns boyfriend said:

its not confirmed, but tbh, her aunt fits the description perfectly - shes exactly 17 years younger, was a news reporter, previously worked for the ABC branch in korea, organized a global entertainment forum that lee soo man moderated in 2020 (the one where aespa was announced), and also has been confirmed to be giselle's aunt. it's also true that she was added in aespa quite late, since karina, winter, and ningning all trained for 4-5 years (since 2016) and giselle only trained for ~10 months (they confirmed this on a radio show). this is just speculation though!

tbh, i dont really mind either way because i actually think giselle is great. shes pretty, talented, and fits perfectly in the group - she's a similar height to the other girls, similar age to the other girls, visually vibes with them, is a strong rapper (something missing from the other 3 members), and speaks 3 languages. she was the perfect fit, whether her aunt really is dating lsm or not.

I have seen people run with this qnd saying the most disgusting things but what can you expect from stans😁 I really don't care if it is her aunt tbf, Giselle is pretty talented on her own and its not like being lsm gf niece get her better treatment i mean Sunny is his blood nieces and theres a lot to be said about her treatment 😒

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I don't think the issue is with being talented or not.  Rather the fact that SM gets thousands of auditions and i think the nepo peeps would not stand out as much next to them. Sunny for example,  was good at singing but seeing some of the people who didn't make it in her place, yeah... Giselle kinda doesn't stand out in anything.   But like its everywhere though,  what's the point of hunting celebrities like this? Yeah it sucks for the ones who didn't make it in place of them but family will support each other as always.

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23 hours ago, Gerimolda said:

The way that being pretty is the first thing mentioned before being talented 🥴

The fact that is even mentioned at all


The 3 qualifying talents of a performer

Contrary to the popular belief that it's vocals, dance and rap.



She talk-raps Itzy style and plagiarizes Janelle Monae

Her being pretty being mentioned first makes sense, as that user was clearly giving three arguments of increasing importance? Such a weird argument

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