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Hello Future of the Events Team with our new Events Coordinator!

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Hello everyone!

The Events Team is starting this Summer Season with positive news:
The promotion of a new Events Coordinator!



Welcome to our new Events Coordinator @Trashie!

Providing original and fun events such as the TindOH!r Valentine event, the throwback of the decade with the MemOH!ry Lane event, or even the biggest OH community fanfic ever with the Among OH! event, Trashie has been this past year the motor of the Events Team! Thanks to her hard word and creativity, we've been able to keep the OH community entertained!

480444237528432650.gif?v=1 Congratulations and big Thank You to Trashie! 480444237528432650.gif?v=1


As of today, the Events Team will work with 2 Coordinators, Trashie and myself.
Do not hesitate to contact either of us if you have any inquiries regarding the Events Team!


For now on, let’s build only with beautiful times with many more fun activities here on Onehallyu!
(if you didn't get the references, stream)


- GFX BY @Rei-chama -

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well deserved, trashie queen!!  you’ve been working hard and putting on fantastic events and games, congrats!

name a better duo than koyshie…trashya? i’ll wait


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Congrats trashie!!spacer.png

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Deserved, queen!!!



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