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[WT] Tony Yu Bows His Head In Front Of Fans

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Yu Jingtian: As long as the wind keeps blowing in Dachang, I will keep bowing

His bows are always 90 degrees and full of honesty and gentleness!















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1. [+9470] Drop out, you shouldn't debut anymore 



2. [+8431] Can Yu Jingtian, the son of dual-national Canadian drug dealers, please get lost. As a child you spent money earned from the flesh and meat of women. As an adult, you spent money earned from shampoo girls and luo dai (T/N: Loans where women provide nude photos as collateral). You've made your fans astonished by a lack of morals. Get out of the entertainment circle.



2. [+6894] Go bow and kneel to the anti-drug policemen 



3. [+3819] Picture comment 




(Illegal drugs are the bottom line, Yu Jingtian needs to drop out from the competition) 



4. [+2447] Leave



5. [+1879] Drop out from the competition



6. [+1166] I don't want to stand on a pedestal, but I want to say this calmly. This is what us fans are thinking: We are all waiting for the final results. Before they come out, we will be cautious and we won't declare that he is guilty. After the results come out, we can decide then. The so-called "evidence" could have been faked. We won't give a free pass to anyone, but we also won't falsely accuse anyone who may be innocent. Please be considerate! 

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