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New Members Shop Items + New Events Tags

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Welcome to The OH! events News

Here's the new updates for the Events Section



As OH users Suggested and voted for the New Shop Items in the Astrological Zodiac Signs Voting Thread

Zodiac Signs items are now available in the Marketplace Under the Astrological Signs Section

Each Item Cost 100,000 Won

YKxaimB.png Ocyvyhj.png NqlbcFV.png 1jFDyWz.png Ix5lR4b.png 08aljpQ.png lYR3MWF.png 6W6gRg1.png 32aauYi.png ytlKrDL.png SsjCwpK.png EngOSW5.png

4DBQdI7.png q1GrZwH.png qWYIXkp.png dWYO4fG.png X6QODNG.png U5bGNgN.png MqGsOm6.png ZNyFAQz.png x9uqAPP.png CDFprh2.png uMZL7Qc.png UMsqUow.png



Another News! Events Section Now Has New Tags and Colors








Look forward to the Events We're Preparing for you!

-Events Team

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