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A Kpop space opera-action movie: Galactic Love

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Just my imagination running wild. I already posted this on Allkpop.com

Movie Title: Galactic Love


Plot: In the year 2030, a only female-based mysterious alien race called The Okkari, starts a full-invasion of planet Earth. Countries set their differences aside to work together and try to repel the mighty alien invaders.

The Okkari Empire


Few facts about the Okkari: Not so much is known about them, other than they are 10x physically stronger than a average human being. They do not age, but not entirely immortal. Homeworld is unknown, but we suspect they are from the other side of the galaxy. It is suspected they visited Earth before thousands of years ago, and ancient civilizations thought they were angels/gods from the heavens, because of their ethereal appearance.

Okkari main characters, ships and mecha

Empress Ix'sha: The sole ruler of the Okkari Empire




Star General Zot'ak: The commander of the Okkari Imperial Army



Star Admiral Fairleh: Second in command for General Zot'ak.


And her Star Officers:

From left: Iseth, Mengol and Zenar



Star Brigade Commander Valgrai: Piloting a Nolphiel power suit




Star Colonel Taszel: Piloting a Nolphiel power suit




Star Captain Bhalea: Piloting a Felgroirs power suit




Star Captain Aesser: Piloting a Felgroirs power suit




Star Captain Naernaean: Piloting a Felgroirs power suit




Star Captain Zaundrea: Piloting a Felgroirs power suit



Star Captain Thidhah: Piloting a Felgroirs power suit




Clone Army weapons, ships and mecha

The clones will be modelled and cloned by these visuals. From left:

Model Type Zesoith ------- Model Type Ucons --------- Model Type Gux'ol --------- Model Type Eh'os


*Note* These are not just cannon fodders. Some of them are high ranking generals, admirals, officers and elite commando pilots who use the same advanced mech suits as the Star Captains.


Ix'Sha Mothership





Escad Class Destroyer & Thrat'ul Heavy Class Cruiser





Nemhol Interceptor




Ogurs Attack Walker & Ogurs Heavy Assault Walker






The United Nations Defence Force


Not so many introduction is needed. Mankind are losing against a highly technological civilization, and the only way to have a slight chance to fight back, is to united together as a common species.


2030 weapons for Earth will be exosuits, advanced robotics and jet fighters capable of space-flight. Weaponized satelittes for orbital defence.


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