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[New Theme] ♡ Welcome to Love Vision 2021! ♡ Happy Valentine's Day

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Happy Valentine's Day Onehallyu!

It's this time of the year again. When OH users are getting festive with their all pink set and find their OH's lover!
The @Graphics Team would like to present our yearly Love VisionAs usual, the theme will be available for all users for a couple weeks.

Get into the spirit and enjoy it while it last! 




At the bottom of the forum, there is theme and privacy policy, you can click on theme and select 'Love Vision'.
Alternatively, if you prefer another theme, you can change it back there at any time.




- For a limited time, you can mention a user you match in your profile, and it will shows below your reputation in your post-bit section. This feature is ideal to be used in conjunction with the TindOH!r.com event (or without it!). You can find this feature in your profile>edit profile>community stats.  



- As you might know, we recently updated to 4.5, and we steadily updated the rest of the themes with it. We are still working towards it so you might see upcoming fixes and updates about it in the near future. For any inquiries with this theme and all the others, you can join us on this thread.

- STAMPS! For a limited time, you can buy the stamps in the marketplace. Show us which one you are this year! Anyone already having a custom group stamp please ask in the mod thread to change it, that also include if you want to change between the two stamps.
**new users need to ask in the ask a mod thread to get the stamp as well


Go to Marketplace!

 JJEJcZg.gif           8WEWNpV.gif 

v9pA0UC.png       3jNeBRo.png




If you participated in the TindOH!r.com matching, see you on The Perfect Match Event! Couples will be revealed tomorrow. 

If you want to participate in the event without being a couple, check out The OH Single Gamers Valentine

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This pink theme is so pretty and cute!!! I say this all the time but I really wish we can have a permanent pink theme please 😭 The other themes are either dark (I know a lot of people prefer that) or simple/white. Pink theme makes everything looks brighter and happier 💕

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The new theme looks beautiful ❤️


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I usually use the Ultra Night Vision theme, but for now I'll switch, because this is super cute!


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I only use dark themes, but this is so cute that I’ll have to convert for the time being! :lovestruck:

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I LOVE THIS THEME SO MUCH!!! I legit gasped when I opened OH and saw it because it's so pretty!! So relaxing to look at. I wish I could have it all year long!

Any chance we might one day have themes in the marketplace? Because I would totally buy this. Or also other pastel colored themes. Just anything that isn't white or black.

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