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[Valentine 2021] TindOH!r.com: The Perfect Match Thread

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Hello LOH!velies, Welcome to The 2021 Valentine Event! 



The TindOH!r.com: The Perfect Match Event will officially start After The Reveal of the Matches

The Event will Test your Compatibility with your Match through Couple of Events

You'll get a chance to work with your partner to prepare something special!

Beside Mini Games that'll be Hosted to give you a chance to win Bonus Compatibility Points

The More Compatible you're the Better Prizes you get!


If you didn't get a match and still wanted to participate in the event! here's your chance

visit the Single Thread for more details


And Most importantly don’t forget to check

Love Vision Theme and use one of the Stamps made by the GFX Team!



All EST Time, convert to your timezone here or click on the links to see a countdown.

Feb 14 11AM: Match Revealing Hosted by @Trashie

Feb 15 6PM to Feb 20 6PM : LOH!ve Feud Survey Hosted by @Trashie

Feb 14 - 11AM: Spyfall Hosted by @Trashie

Feb 19 to Feb 28 6PM EST: Eternal LOH!ve Workshop Hosted by @Trashie

Feb 20 - 3PM: LOH!ve Bingo Hosted by @Koya

Feb 24 - 6AM + 9AM + 12PM: KPOP LOH!ve Stories Hosted by @Koya

Feb ?? - 12PM: ???? by @Rei-chama

Feb 28 - 1PM: The LOH!ve Mafia Hosted by @Koya

March 6: TindOHr.com Results


XX: LOH!ve Feud Hosted by @Trashie


- the schedule is subject to changes -


Click here to see the Compatibility details!


Green Tea is Himbo: @Green Tea Is Green& @Himbo - 20%

Hingy: @Angy + @Hizu - 15%

Harus: @Chiharu & @harumaki - 12%

Loveli: @eli & @love- 11%

Taescent: @Crescent & @taenguri - 9%

Bei: @Bel. + @Rei-chama - 7%

Stan Lee: @Lee + @StanSatan - 7%

Shinko: @Koya & @Shinki - 4%

Trash Morris: @Trashie + @Zack Morris - 2%



After the Event Ends, you can exchange your compatibility Points with A prize of your choice from the list below


0% to 10% Compatibility:

100,000 Wons each.

11% to 20% Compatibility:

200,000 Wons each.

21% to 30% Compatibility:

300,000 Wons each.

31% to 40% Compatibility:

400,000 Wons each.

41% to 50% Compatibility:

500,000 Wons each.

51% to 60% Compatibility:

Temporary couple stamp OR 600,000 Wons each.

61% to 70% Compatibility:

Couple Yearbook page OR 5 Plats each OR 700,000 Wons each OR a prize below.

71% to 80% Compatibility:

Unique couple ring OR 10 Plats each OR 800,000 Wons each OR a prize below.

81% to 90% Compatibility:

Unique couple item OR 15 Plats each OR 900,000 Wons each OR a prize below.

91% to 100% Compatibility:

Unique couple .gif item OR 20 Plats each OR 1,000,000 Wons each OR a prize below.
Everyone Participating in the Events and Games will get a special OH Couple Pin!
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Whoever my match is, they're lucky to have me.



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Hi everyone! Little update about the schedule:

- Tonight's game can not be hosted, we're very sorry! It is postponed, we'll inform you once another date is planned for this game.

- A few games were added to the schedule.

- Rei will host a game on the 25 or 26, we'll also keep you updated on that!

We might also add some spontaneous games for the last week of the event (between the 1st and 5th or March), depending on our availability!


On 2/13/2021 at 9:56 PM, Trashie said:

Feb 24 - 6AM + 9AM + 12PM: KPOP LOH!ve Stories Hosted by @Koya

Feb ?? - 12PM: ???? by @Rei-chama

Feb 27 - 8PM: The COH!ple Race Hosted by @Trashie

Feb 28 - 1PM: The LOH!ve Mafia Hosted by @Koya

March 6: TindOHr.com Results


XX: LOH!ve Feud Hosted by @Trashie


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my bf ive had for 2 years:....ummm so what am i then a potato?

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