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[PC][enter-talk] National petition to punish culprits behind deepfakes shared by Arin's younger brother + more on the topic

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"Please harshly punish 'deepfakes' that female celebrities are suffering from.
Female celebrities are suffering from the deepfake technology.
Deepfakes are fake videos of (female idols) made from AI technologies."
Petition here
Everyone, please sign it!
post response:
original post: here
1. [+402, -16]
As expected, handsome men have handsome hearts
2. [+232, -3]
It breaks my heart seeing this from someone of a female celebrity's family
3. [+203, -5]
There are seriously no other siblings like them in this world 2
"Arin: MAMA
Dongsaeng: So cool! I'm proud
Arin: I'm prouder of you"
4. [+111, -2]
There are seriously no other siblings like them in this world 1
"Arin: wear your clothes warmly and don't be sick
Dongsaeng: The upper region is too cold, people can't live in this weather..."
5. [+89, 0]
What a relief, I hope that those weird hannams from male galleries don't spread
6. [+85, -2]
His nuna is a female idol so I can 100% understand..ㅋㅋ
[enter-talk] WOW WHAT'S A "SEKTE"? I'M SHOCKED

"A sexual exploitation mean even worse than RPS. 'Sekte'"

If you look at it, they are taking a voice that's close to an idol's voice and they are making RPS videos of idols moaning. I f*cking hate this, seriously ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
T/N: Sekte = abbrv for s*x tape
post response:
original post: here
1. [+105, -5]
Can you please get rid of all the sekte, deepakes and RPS?ㅋㅋ All these three are gross. There are so many kids on enter-talk defending RPS. I hope that their own families get made up delusional stories about themselves ^^
2. [+62, -2]
If the idols find this, how dumbfounded will they be?ㅋㅋㅋ Idols are living the god-life so why are these people crawling in the lowest pits making things like that? If idols see these voice videos and these f*cked up things, they will just be f*cking dumbfounded and see them as bugs
3. [+45, 0]
Hul, it's my first time seeing this
4. [+34, 0]
But is this sexual exploitation though..? Did they mistake the meaning of sexual exploitation?
5. [+31, 0]
Am I the one who doesn't know the meaning of sexual exploitation? This is considered sexual exploitation? It's not like idols were the ones directly moaning to the people involved? They are just taking people with similar voices
6. [+26, 0]
There are so many videos like these made by i-roaches on YT;;...
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I hope the petition gets attention and work is done to fix not just the legal issues but also starts a conversation in society about the attitudes that lead to scummy behavior like hidden cameras and deepfakes.


About that "other people with similar voices to idols moaning" thing I don't think it should be criminal but it's at least weird as shit. Why would you even do that?

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