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Official 98er Thread

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Happy holidays everyone!

thread is as dead as i remember it lmao work has been kicking my ass, im considered an essential worker and i got back from self isolating after ???possibly having coronavirus??? at the beginning




what is the sig limit? 



eating ice cweam 

It's the same limits as Hallyu8. 2 lines, 2 urls and 450x250 again

Animated dp's wont show up unless your on your profile or editing your icon


reading porn updates when you're facing away from the window in the front room of your house


is awk



My favorite place to scout for victims! daebakekeke  B)

ew go away

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wassup chicken

/feels like I just mocked u/ /damnit, chicken/

lmao ive never seen you before! hello~ 





what's your favorite chicken

fried chicken ofccc 


jon weon diary is terrible



but i can't stop listening to it

fkin same ughhh 





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jeon wan diary is da best mkay 

(cept taewoons rap shoulda givin it to eunjung)

 ting garing garing gating

HA! is really good omg


and Kitagawa Kenji


and most of their singles flrghhsdjf




Jungle Gym (Sayaka's solo from their album)

high ass budget pvs


dey r really cute tho

have u heard of akibahara backstage pass?!1! dey hav dat 48ish concept wit shitload of members

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