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What do you call this thing where you are?

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It's an egg steamer, you put water in the bottom of the pan, bring it to boil, crack your eggs into the cups, close the lid and leave for 3 minutes for soft yolks, 5 minutes for hard and you have steamed eggs. Some places call the eggs poached but that's not correct.

It's pretty interesting right, something nearly every house would have where I grew up is super-rare everywhere else.

I'll steam some eggs for breakfast tomorrow and take pics.

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@marin karin@JamiesGirl@teal@A h n@Lee@blossoms@Pink Bear@Sugar Daddy

My steamer


Fill the bottom with water, not high enough to reach the cups, and bring to a boil.


Put the middle bit with the cups back on and put in your eggs , one had slight accident but is still good.


Lid on and let the steam do its work for 3 minutes.


Doggo patiently waiting




Onto buttered toast


and enjoy


Save some for the doggo


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7 hours ago, Siobhan Halo said:






Thank you for showing us! They look delicious! 😋

And it was an interesting social experiment indeed! Seems like this kitchen utensil is less common than you might have thought! I will definitely consider purchasing it in the future.

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