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Introducing New Revamped GFX Studio Section~

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Hello Onehallyuers and Happy Holiday season! 

First of, we are about to make some new ✨seggsy✨ changes into Onehallyu Graphics Section! The old Studio section is now merged into the GFX section in the Onehallyu Hub. With the new changes, some threads have been reworked with the new Onehallyu design in mind, since a lot of the info weren't up to date. 


      Why the change you might ask? Well here is a few reasons:

  • The GFX section and the Studio pretty much overlap each other in their primary function, as both were supervised by the graphic team already.
  • The Studio is located really low in the sections, which made a lot of users skip over it due to it being hard to find in the list.
  • The Graphic section is high in the list yet there isn't much threads nor activity in it, because most of it were already done in the Studio section.
  • The Studio was pretty inactive as of late, and in a effort to revive it we cleaned some outdated threads and reworked the pinned.
  • A lot of threads gave info that were no longer working with the new layout of Onehallyu, hence a lot of users not knowing were to look for basic information.




With all that in mind, we tried to re-arrange it in a way that everything is easy to follow. Some of the threads that have been added and reworked include:

  • Official resizing, creation, combining gifs/images thread  x
    Now a brand new thread with new guidelines since the last one loaded very slowly for a lot users due to the large amount of image without spoilers. Now include wons given to anyone who help to fulfil requests for other users!
  • The Official Graphic Design Thread x
    New sites and resources has been added to the disposition of users that are now up to date.
  • The Official Graphics Shop Index  x
    In hope to revive the use of user's commissions in the forum, there is a brand new thread that will show the currently active GFX shops.
  • WebMs merged with Gifs and Apng Tutorial Thread x
    Since WebMs are currently obsolete with our new forum version, we merged it with the gif thread that also include a new tutorial on how to make and use Apng, which is an excellent quality-saving alternative.


You can find the new GFX Studio section at this link.
If you have any questions about the merge, you can ask us in this thread.



Big thanks to the @Graphics Team and @Koya for the help!

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