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Wang Yibo, Huang Xuan And Victoria Song Confirmed To Star In “Fengqi Luoyang”

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By Stephanie C



The upcoming historical drama, Fengqi Luoyang (风起洛阳) has officially announced their leading actors: Huang Xuan (黄轩), Wang Yibo (王一博) and Victoria Song (宋茜). The drama is said to be an adaptation of Ma Bo Yong’s (马伯庸) novel which also called Luoyang (洛阳). However, the novel has not been released yet and it is reported the novel will be released when the drama airs. Ma Bo Yong is a popular author who is well-known for his work such as The Longest Day in Chang’An (长安十二时辰) and Mystery of Antiques (古董局中局) which were both made into drama adaptations.





In the drama, Wang Yibo plays Baili Hongyi, a role that is similar to that of Lan Wang Ji from The Untamed (陈情令), who is cold on the outside but has a strong sense of justice. Huan Xuan plays Gao Bing Zhu, a deputy marshal who becomes entangled in a murder case and is framed as the murderer. Victoria Song plays Wu Si Yue who also comes from an affluent family and is a palace guard. The trio end up working together to solve various mysterious cases. 




Wang Yibo and Huang Xuan previously worked together on the variety show, Summer Surf Shop (夏日冲浪店) and they both said they would love to work together again if the opportunity arises. The highly anticipated drama is set to start filming at the end of October and is expected to be 40 episodes.

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