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Welcome to the Among OH! Spaceship Crewmates! Be prepared for an exciting Trip to the OH! Planet
Are you Ready Crewmates? Let's go!


Among OH!

It's Not a normal Spaceship.... and not a safe trip...
OH Crewmates and the captain found themselves trapped in an unending crime scene they can't get out of....

instead of A Halloween Custom.... The imposter took the impersonating quiet too far...
Who is Next? ... and what's their purpose?

it's your Job to find out and save OH! Spaceship!


Make sure to wear your spacesuit before getting in!

585582837_stampbluecrew.png.98d42ed2d19c0bfe403476c90811244d.png 1311753554_stamppinkcrew.png.ed5ef3be599c80e3b2707af29a6baeff.png 1230166909_stamppurplecrew.png.93a10ec3c9bd2ed0bd018e6d9ca9610d.png 221680630_stampredcrew.png.7cd061bb9c2190bc0c0f6cd9ff9d9905.png

They are Now available in the Member Shop with different colors! 





Sunday 25, 4PM ET: Opening of the Communication Room + First Meeting. By Captain @Trashie

Sunday 25, 5PM ET: Start of the Crewmate Tasks. By Major Crewmate @Koya

Tuesday 27, 10AM ET: The Crewmates Halloween Parade. By Major Crewmate @Koya

Wednesday 28, 4PM ET: Emergency Meeting. By Captain @Trashie

Saturday 31, 6PM ET: Emergency Meeting. By Captain @Trashie

Sunday 1, 11PM ET: Guess the MV from the emojis. By Captain @Trashie

Monday 2, 1PM ET: Before or After: Halloween Edition. By Major Crewmate @Koya

Tuesday 3, 11AM ET: Emergency Meeting. By Captain @Trashie

Wednesday - Until Friday 6, 4PM ET: Crewmates ID card renewal. By Major Crewmate @eunheart

Thursday, 10AM ET: Alien Escape. By Major Crewmate @Moon Gin

Friday 6, 4PM ET: Emergency Meeting. By Captain @Trashie


You can use this website to convert the schedule time to your local time,
or click on the times above to be linked to a countdown!





During this trip through space, you will need to eject all impostors from the spaceship.
If you are able to do so, you Captain will reward you with a Team Prize.
More info on the Communication Room thread.


In order to maintain the ship during this long travel, each Crewmate will have to accomplish tasks.
Depending on the number of tasks you do during the trip, you will be rewarded with a Solo Prize.
More info on the Crewmate Tasks thread.


- GFX by @craZy & Stamps by @Bel. -

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Purple sus 


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both harus going pink to cause even more confusion 754691139314909245.png?v=1

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Ooh the red devil one is kyoot


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