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[iQiyi] Youth With You S3 (Boys) Official Teaser w/ Eng Sub

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Can any of you tell me if there's been obvious rigging in this series? I haven't watched any Chinese survival shows in full and I tried to watch Chuang 2021, but I couldn't get through the first episode. It was unwatchable bc of how painfully obvious who the producers' picks--just based on the editing and screen time.

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i love lisa but her fans in yt are so annoying

Even in Tony's getting praised video by lisa most of the fans ( he's so luck, lisa my name is tony too ) blah blah blah 

no one is interested about the trainees


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Lisa's fans are hating on Wei Hongyu on twitter and some of then on youtube cuz he got A for singing

they said he dont deserve that A and he should not debut cuz he can't dance witch they dont know if he can dance or not

At This point all i can say is i miss Lay i wish he was there since he have more experience in dancing than Lisa and her fans are super annoying

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