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Events Team: New Member Shop Items!

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A few days ago the OH Community voted on new items to be added into the Member Shop of Onehallyu,

It's time to introduce these items to the system!



With 23.31% of the votes, the Astrological Signs were the most voted items!

Astrological Signs items will be added into the shop. However, after discussion we decided to not make them Platinum Tokens items, as it's an item that is quite limited. Instead, we are hosting a vote for those items so the OH community can pick a set of astrological items and these will all be added into the shop!

Click here to vote for the Astrological Signs items sets!

The Astrological Signs items will be added to the shop at the price of 100,000 wons each.



As the Astrological Signs aren't added as Platinum Tokens items, we decided to also add the second position item: Game Characters with 16.54% of the votes!

New Game Characters can be bought for 20 Platinum Tokens.
Once added in the shop, they will be available for 750,000 Wons for everyone.


You can check the full list of prizes and special items offered by the Events Team here!


Thanks everyone for your participation in the OH Decides!
We'll anticipate your suggestions in the next OH Decides event~


- gfx by @Rei-chama -

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