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[NB] YouTuber 'Korean Englishman' uploads a video apology on behalf of wife Gabie Kook's birthday party controversy

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Article: 'Englishman' uploads apology video... "Devastating time, the tax controversies aren't true"

Source: Chosun via Naver

1. [+5,5613, -101] It says in the article as well that if you've lived abroad, you can receive the same healthcare benefits as any citizen if you come back home for treatment as long as you pay a few months' worth of health insurance. When are we getting rid of that? 

2. [+2,818, -52] Please stop giving healthcare insurance benefits to foreigners

3. [+1,502, -206] It's so easy for foreigners to make money off of positive Korean content. Do you guys really think they love our country that much? First Sam Okyere and now this. Just because they speak our language doesn't mean they can't be using us too. 

4. [+888, -24] So where's his explanation for the national health insurance?? They claimed they were paying it... as if they were paying anything.

5. [+910, -117] I think standards will always be stricter against YouTubers than celebrities. At least celebrities have a level of beauty or skill that most people could never hope to achieve so most leave hate comments out of jealousy but YouTubers are another story. People will think that someone no different from them doesn't deserve to make as much money as they are so the hate comments will be even more heated, filled with not only jealousy but envy too.

6. [+411, -9] Why is Josh claiming that they left the presents at the door when we saw Gabie's mom, dongsaeng, and friends come, and she blew out the candles without a mask on, and even tried on a lipstick she got as a gift with the door open. And what's the update on Gabie getting treatment here when she hasn't paid into the national health insurance?

7. [+167, -5] We're asking for clarification on your health insurance payments, not about the taxes regarding your income. Why aren't you clarifying that when so many people are asking about it?

8. [+173, -23] Kook Gabie's controversy aside, I've seen a lot of people angrily comment about why Englishman isn't paying taxes in Korea but that's so ridiculous because do you guys not realize that Englishman and his team are from the UK? So of course they pay their taxes there ㅋㅋ Would you expect a Korean person who's promoting another country to go pay taxes over there too??

9. [+218, -17] I like that he introduces Korean culture to his audience but I think he should reflect over this. Let's please not witch hunt him.

10. [+156, -31] I think a lot of people are jumping onto the hate because they just see it as an opportunity. I've watched Englishman's channel a lot and he helped me realize how much I was undervaluing my own culture. His channel helped me build a confidence towards it. And he's honest about what he likes and doesn't like. He's not always positive about everything related to Korea.

11. [+134, -17] Kook Gabie was thoughtless but I'm still grateful to Englishman for introducing Korea in such a positive light... let's please not hate on him for the good he's done too.

12. [+121, -18] His channel provides helpful content for our country, is it necessary for us to wall him into a corner like this? I wouldn't be surprised if he was sick and tired of Korea after all this.

13. [+88, -3] Why are you staying quiet on the national health insurance payments?????????


between this and sam okyere can you no longer live in Korea as a foreigner lol

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21 hours ago, Unnie-chan said:

What did they do wrong?

They broke 2-week mandatory (travel into the country) quarantine rules (the visitors thing is only for extenuating/serious circumstances, using it for a birthday party isn't really allowed even though it can be argued to follow the letter of the rules if officials deem it to be "extenuating") 


I think this is the bigger thing, knetz are already angry that gyopo (overseas Koreans) who are citizens do medical tourism where they fly back to Korea for heavily discounted/free medical surgery or other services when they are not paying taxes for it.  Korean citizens are entitled to national healthcare regardless of that.  But there is a lot of bad feeling when they think people are taking advantage.

I think it was very unwise for Gabie to have filmed/made a youtube video about her birthday celebration during what's supposed to be mandatory isolation for two weeks after flying into Korea.  There had already been mutterings how she should have just waited for NHS appointment, but the thing is her condition (endometriosis) worsens and can cause infertility if not addressed in a timely fashion, so I think those naysayers are wrong.   But she should've kept her birthday thing quiet and filmed it if she realllly needed to have it right then.  Honestly, just celebrate your birthday after the quarantine, you're not a little kid anymore and you can wait?  (I celebrate birthdays on weekends because of work).  

It sucks because I love Korean Englishman channel and I like a lot of Gabie's content.  From previous controversies I think it's two things: 1) People jealous of her relationship with Josh/Korean Englishman, and also of her being rich / famous and 2) also partially her fault for being tone-deaf to Korean culture (she grew up out of the country) many times even though she relies on Koreans for a lot of her Youtube subscription base.

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I'm sure a lot of people commenting have been eating in restaurants and stuff like that so they're being hypocritical, but it was really unwise of them to broadcast that they did this if they were really that determined to do it in the first place.

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