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[Trending] #Cheng Xiao's Body Fat

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85 cm, 66 cm, 86 cm

On MangoTV Show "Wow! Nice Figure"









1. Her fat is so sensible [委屈][T/N: as in "the location of her fat on her body"] [+26468]

Response: [笑cry] You're spot on. [+5106] 
Response: It's on the parts of the body where it should be [笑cry][笑cry] [+4725]

2. I believe that she's closer to the healthy range. And she's beautiful [+6249]

3. This beauty's figure is so good [酸] [T/N: lemon = jealousy] [+3917]

4. Cheng Xiao's really good at having her weight in the right location. 85 cm chest, 66 cm waist, 86 cm hips - these 3 numbers. I'm envious, I'm envious. [+3349]

5. Apart from gender, the only other thing we have in common is our body fat percentage [doge] [+2302]

6. Xiaoxiao herself knows that her body fat is a little bit high. On the program, she said she'll prepare to work out and do body shaping training. This is a screenshot of the video. Her figure is truly very good [+1746]








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