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Taiwanese celebrity Alien Huang has passed away at age 36

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I was stunned when I saw the news. It's probably been like 10 years since I really thought about him but he was such a big part of my teen years - we were all mad for Taiwanese boys back then. Even now I always think about him in conjunction with Show Luo. 一路走好...

My favourite song of his:




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I'm so shocked and sad to hear this... I remember many many years ago like 10+ years ago, I used to always watch those videos of 100% Entertainment with Show Luo and Alien Huang (some fans used to sub short funny cuts of the show) and it made me laugh so much...

Even in recent years I sometimes went back to watch some of those old videos again to laugh, now I don't think I'll be able to do this anymore... 36 years old is so young, I'm so sad right now... I wonder how Show Luo feels and also Rainie Yang, Xiao Gui was her first boyfriend and I remember when they talked about it, it was so cute, and I think they stayed friends (I just saw he congratulated her last year when she got engaged). I loved them all and I loved watching them together back then... So sad right now ._. RIP Alien Huang...

I liked this song:


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