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Why idols can have online concerts but Cho Yongpil, Lee Jieun and the trottists cannot

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Idols do have online concerts.


I believe famous Pop stars like Drake and Taylor Swift have had online concerts.


And BTS, Seventeen, etc have had online concerts.


But, the trottists had to risk a real concert (since suspended after a rogue pastor held a political rally which led to a resurgence of covid in Korea)


and the three major Senior Singers of Korea, Na Hoonah, Cho Yongpil and Lee Jieun, have not had online concerts yet and have no plans to do so. Ditto to Akmu and other vocalists.

Why idols can have online concerts but trottists and Senior Singers can't?

The reason is


1. The tickets are cheaper

2. The goods sold are less

3. Most importantly, trottists and senior singers can't really set stages. It does cost money to set an elaborate stage, and it is unlikely that foreign fans will pay $25-$50 to watch the trottists or KPop's Senior Singers.


BTS was able to recoup its costs by drawing 750,000 fans online. I doubt Lee Jieun can draw 1/10 of them, let alone Cho Yongpil and Na Hoonah, let alone the trottists.


I believe the break-even point is around 250,000, and only idols who can expect that many (mostly international) fans connecting and paying the fees would make the effort worthwhile.


Which is why Na Hoonah, Cho Yongpil and Lee Jieun, plus the trottists, cannot  dare to have online concerts.

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