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event OH DECIDES! Vote for new items to be added in the Member Shop!

OH DECIDES! Vote for new items to be added in the Member Shop!  

52 members have voted

This poll is closed to new votes
  1. 1. Pick a maximum of 3 items that you would like to see in the Member Shop!

    • 1. Astrological Signs
    • 2. Idol Official Characters / Idol Official Mascots
    • 3. Pokémons
    • 4. Gemstones
    • 5. Space
    • 6. Flowers
    • 7. Group Logos
    • 8. Game characters
    • 9. Awareness Ribbons
    • 10. Hangul Names
    • None of the above

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  • Poll closed on 09/18/2020 at 09:00 PM

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Hello everyone and welcome to the - long awaited - second part of the OH Decides!

Last year, several items were suggested by OH users to be added into the Member Shop.

It is now time to finalize this process and get things done!




In order to select which item(s) will be added to the Members Shop,
you only have to vote for a maximum of 3 items in the poll above.

This poll lists the top 10 suggestions that were made in the previous thread
and got the most positive reactions by OH users!


1. Astrological Signs
Items of the astrological signs including every astrology systems.
From the suggestions:
Zodiac Signs - by @Trashie 
+ Astrology/Chinese Zodiac Signs - by @Green Tea Is Green

2. Idol Official Characters / Idol Official Mascots
Official characters that represent Kpop/Jpop/Cpop idols.
From the suggestion: Idol official characters - by @satoori

3. Pokémons
Images of pokémons to collect.
From the suggestion: Pokémon - by @Rei-chama

4. Gemstones
Pictures of precious and semi-precious stones, reflecting the various groups, species, and varieties.
From the suggestion: Gemstones  - by @god

5. Space
Item of various space objects (planets, stars, constellations, ufo, etc.) along their names.
From the suggestion: Space - by @Baeks Flat Ass

6. Flowers
Pictures of flowers to enhance aesthetics.
From the suggestion: Flowers - by @Hyun-Sung-In

7. Group Logos
Items of Kpop/Jpop/Cpop groups logos, often representing the eras of a group.
From the suggestion: Groups logos - by @Clay

8. Game characters
Official images of video-game characters.
From the suggestion: Game characters - by @eli

9. Awareness Ribbons
A ribbon to show your compassion/support for a cause, each cause having a specific name and color.
From the suggestion: Awareness Ribbons - by @StarShapedGummy

10. Hangul Names
The name of Korean artists and groups written in hangul.
From the suggestion: Korean names - by @Solemn_Penance


The top voted items will be added in the shop and will work the same way as Locket items, meaning a new item needs to be bought with Platinum Tokens to be added in the shop, then everyone will be able to buy it with wons.




- Do not vote for more than 3 items.
Any user voting for more than 3 items will get all of their votes nullified.

- Do not bribe votes.
This means do not ask other users to vote for specific items in exchange of wons, gifts or anything.

- Respect everyone's taste and opinions.




The poll is open for 2 weeks!

It will close on September 18th at 9PM GMT.

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Surprised Astrological Signs is so popular 😃

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Thank you everyone for participating. I'm leaving the closed poll up so you can see the results.

We are currently discussing the new items addition with the price and how they will work.

Anticipate them soon!

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