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[WT] THE9's Yuyan Suffers Unwanted Touching From A Male Staff

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#Yuyan's side makes a statement# On the 24th, in response to #Yuyan was hugged by a man#, Yuyan’s group @THE9官博  issued a statement saying that on the way to the shooting location of a variety show, a certain staff deliberately came into contact with the artist. This behaviour was very deplorable, and after verification and confirmation with the program team, it was identified that this person was a security staff member of the program team. The program team has been seriously warned and asked to immediately fire the staff member. The program team has also been urged to strictly review the qualifications of security personnel and increase security forces to prevent such things from happening again









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1. [+11000] No matter what your status is, no matter what position you are in, no matter what occasion and time, and no matter who the other person is, as long as it makes you uncomfortable, get away immediately, right away, and quickly.

2. [+7844] I have no words, good thing that Yuyan had a quick response [黑线]

3. [+3950] I hope every girl can protect themselves

4. [+4079] Fortunately Yuyan responded quick, so any wretched man can become a security guard? [怒]

5. [+2208] What dirty pig trotters, honestly 🐶

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The fans were walking along side her in peace.

There wasn't any mobbing at all.

The intention was clear. 

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