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[CentKent] Yang Tianzhen reveals that she was opposed to Luhan (former artist in her company) going public with his relationship

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1. F*cking bullsh*t, what did she even do?  During that week, or even a few weeks, Luhan was smeared so much. What PR did she do?   [+47306]

2. Saying this stuff...back then, the contract was almost about to expire. You probably didn't have too many concerns. You didn't do much PR for Luhan, right? A lot of rumors came running out. Fortunately, since childhood, Luhan has always been a good seedling. He had no qualities for which people could smear him. He relied on time to prove himself step by step. His acting in CrossFire was also quite good this time. This illustrates that only works and time can prove the longevity of an artist. [+34606]

3. From the beginning, Luhan said that when dating, he wouldn't hide it from fans. So what is Yang Tianzhen doing? Telling Luhan to lie to fans? Selling a particular image? So that you can continue to use him as a cash cow? You try to speak so loftily. You're so good at taking care of your own interests. [+32650]

4. Let go of Luhan, I'm begging you. When Luhan's reputation was almost damaged to death, you were still out shopping. If you made a single Weibo post proving his innocence, the situation would've been resolved. Back then, he was just your adopted son, right? Pushing aside his resources, or sharing them with your real son. Begging Ms. Yang Tianzhen, stop bringing him up. Let's just forget about it. 🙏🙏🙏[+19555]

5. But Luhan announcing his relationship to the public is indeed quite a manly thing  [+15939]

6. What is Yang Tianzhen doing? Bullsh*tting  [+12794]

7. Luhan's behavior at the time was very manly, very responsible! [+11222]



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I understand her concerns. But Luhan did promise his fans and even if he didn't it's his relationship so. 

In the end she okayed but I wonder why the need of this interview question/answer lol

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