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[CentKent] Yuehua Entertainment faced an administrative punishment for activities viewed as anti-China

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1. You can scold Yuehua however you want. I support scolding. Scolding is good. But this punishment is clearly something related to Yuehua's Korean group's performance. Why use this opportunity to spread rumors and discredit other artists? Aren't these people making up rumors and smearing people diverting attention away from something that should be rectified? [+38265]

2. Is it about that thing where they performed for the Korean army? [+19120]

3. They deserve to get punished for performing for the Korean army during THAAD--it's been a long time coming. Hurry up and blacklist those three girls from WJSN; I've had negative feelings towards them for a long time  I recommend blocking Douluo Continent! The two leads are both disqualified! [T/N: leads are Xiao Zhan and Wu Xuanyi] [+16775]

Response: Don't bring Xiao Zhan into the conversation. This is Yuehua's business. If a particular person is involved in Douluo Continent, I can only say his luck is not good. After all, the reputation of the country is above all else. As a fan of Xiao Zhan, I can only look forward to him concentrating on filming other good works. But I still hope that this thing does not involve a particular person and Douluo Continent can successfully be broadcast. [+13204]

4. Engaging in activities detrimental to national dignity?  This company is really too brave  is it going to be bankrupt and shut down? [+13079]

5. It's about performing for the Korean army  Whatever her name is, Wang Yiren [+11062]

6. It's about WJSN performing for the Korean army during THAAD, right?  I'm really speechless. Finally, there's a drama called Douluo Continent that I want to see, but now, I don't know whether or not it'll be affected.  Perfect. [+7957]

7. Ah, I know. Performing for the Korean army during THAAD? [+6940]



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But Everglow's k-force show was a year ago 
and WJSN's k-force show was back in 2016. 
Idt Yuehua would have let the Chinese members perform in such shows
if it was illegal to do so under the terms of China's Hallyu ban. 
And they would have been punished right away by their govt, not years later. 

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wjsn one was recorded 3 days before THAAD start, it just broadcasted after that. while everglow event was literally during THAAD.

i don't get if they get punished because of wjsn, why they punish them 4 years later thou? i know that wjsn and especially chinity have ton of antis on weibo but they really tried to frame them.

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A shit ton of posts regarding these performances were posted by meiqi and xuanyi antis about a year or two ago when they debuted with RG. I was wondering who was spamming the search results. They must have caught the attention of the officials. 

Many netz seem to be defending yiren. She's fairly unknown in china so hope she gets positive attention.

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